exam day

My midterm exam in Art History is today... in less than two hours. I've put in over thirty hours of studying, and my mind is awash with images, artist names, dates and what I'm supposed to remember about each of the possible 500 slides we've been shown so far, of which we will only be shown five. I will have four minutes to identify each slide completely. There will be three short answers and an essay as well.

The flu that dogged me last week and over the weekend - I felt better yesterday - seems to have reared its ugly head and come back to me this morning. I'm going to load up with Tylenol and some juice... I can't bear to eat anything. Flu and butterflies.

Wish me luck!


Junie Moon said...

I do indeed wish you lots of luck--on your exam as well as in feeling better soon.

Lisa said...

I'm sorry you are so sick. I do hope you get better soon! and good luck on your test. I stunk at art history, but I love art.

scrappaleica said...

Sasha, good luck. I rememeber that class. at first I felt so overwhelmed, than I started enjoying it. I did really well on it, because surpirsingly you can remember more than you think you can! You'll do GREAT girl!

Q said...

Good luck! Being sick is hard enough without the stress of test!
You have done your homework so I bet you will do just fine.
Feel better soon.

MJ said...

Hope that all your effort and Tylenol & juice kicked in to give you the energy to perform well!