curiouser and curiouser?

If you've ever had a week when everything went wrong, then you'll know what I'm talking about. This week the new cabinets arrived for the laundry room and the living room. You know what they say about assuming things? Never assume that your cabinet guy has booked his installer. Nine months. You could have a baby in that time, waiting for cabinets to be installed. Well, the cabinets arrived and it looked like I had no installer, but our good old carpenter Geno to the rescue! He'd come later in the week. Bravo, Geno! Then the cabinets arrived from the warehouse... only the laundry room ones. I said "I think there should be more" and the delivery guy said "no way, this is all there was"... and here, I had Geno coming later in the week with only some of the cabinets. Back to the phone. The email.

Geno came to work on the laundry room. Everything seemed fine... not all the pieces were there. Missing hinges - they weren't on the doors! hmmmm.... they came on the doors last time. More phone calls. More emails. A trip to the warhouse to search for the hinges, and what do I find? The living room cabinets. Arrange for shipping. Find out the hinges we seek are standard, available at Home Depot. Well, I would have just done that first. Off to the orange box. Also to Lee Valley for the crystal cabinet knobs. I'm sure I need eight. No, I need ten, but I'll find that out later.

Get the living room stuff shipped. Meanwhile, the 15" pantry for the laundry room is actually a 24" cabinet. They won't take it back, I have to re-order the 15" piece.

None of the replacement doors fit the existing cabinetry - Geno was very, very upset. More upset than when he had no hinges. He's a peach, though. He doesn't get upset when the dog runs off with his screwdriver. Eventually, with some fancy math, some false gables and a filler piece (we both figured on that one for over an hour). But it actually worked. The other side of the room will have to wait until the right piece comes. I have to figure out what to do with the 24" piece. Right now, it's in my porch.

But something really nice happened - look at this!

How lucky am I to be the recipient of one of Jill's party hats? I won it on her blog draw. I just think it's sweet and put it out for Halloween right away. After the holiday, I'll display it in my studio. Thanks Jill! It's beautiful and fun.

Do you remember my vanity dilemma a while back? This is what I decided to do. I went here and found the small 3-drawer bureau on clearance, because the bottom drawer was cracked. I spent about half price on it. Having new glass made for the drawer front cost about sixty dollars and I had to wait quite a while for it. Anyway, I ordered the console table with two drawers and pushed them beside each other for the look - and functionality that I wanted.

The mirror-framed-mirror is from here and was just what I was looking for. Guess what happened? Just shortly after we hung it up - it fell! I came home one day and found it smashed all over the ground. From the way it lay on the floor, I could tell it fell on the table top, then forward onto the chair - both of which were miraculously not broken! There was, however glass absolutley everywhere, and especially in the bedroom, I was just horrified about it being in the bedlinen and where we walk barefoot. I cleaned for almost two hours and still found a few little shards later on.

Luckily, I had purchased two of those mirrors, saving one for our future bathroom redo. Now I'm on the lookout for another.

And how about that chair? It's my eBay score. I'm so lucky it wasn't cracked by the weight of the falling mirror, which was very heavy as you can imagine. The kids are framed on the bureau top. I'd like to hang something over it on the wall, but it can't be too shiny or busy now. I'll have to keep thinking on that one.

Here's the typewriter I won in a Salvation Army draw. Lately, when the thrift shops around here get something of interest or a good collectible, they have a draw for it or they raffle it off, instead of selling it. I suppose it gets people into the store and they get a little more money for it than just pricing it at a few dollars. They display everything in a case and they don't draw for it until they've sold enough tickets on it to meet a "reserve" amount or by three months, whichever comes first. I bought a ticket on this baby in July, and now it's mine.

I don't think I can even buy ribbon for it. I might have to look for some on eBay.


Jill said...

Oh Sasha!
What a stressful day... week... month...
I'm sure you have wanted to do that.
So happy the little something arrived... seems to take awhile to get to Canada...
Glad it arrived safely and that it may have brightened your day.
I hope your laundry room is finished soon... How nice to have a lovely room... I have to trek to the depths of the basement to do my laundry... that may explain why it doesn't get done as often as it should....
Anyway... thank you for being so patient... procrastination is my middle name it seems!
Here's to you dear friend!
xoxox Jill

MJ said...

Great new header!!

Sorry to hear that you've had a challenging week. Seems that most things are turning out okay, despite the challenges. What a great shopper you are!

Junie Moon said...

You did indeed face some aggravating challenges this week. The cabinets and mirror misadventures are really aggravating.

But your other adventures are great so maybe that will help take the sting away.

Mrs. Staggs said...

I wonder if it's a universal law that things will never go right with a remodel. Challenges always seem to pop up with them. I hope the rest of yours will go well.
The hat is charming, and perfectly suited to you. I like your vainity solution and the mirror with that chair. The vanity is a nice blend of the more formal looking one, and the glass one. Wonderful choice!

Pepper said...

Sheesh, that is all you needed hey??? Especially when you are feeling crummy! Hang in there buddy.