club little house arrived today!

All the goodness that is Club Little House arrived on my doorstep today. It was even better than anticipated and the perfect pick-me-up. Loopy, The Fan, and I went through it together. That means I had to restrain myself and not open it until after school. However did I manage? Let's take a tour.... starting with the lovely packing job done by Amy and her little elves:

Once the box is opened up, all of the parcels are almost too pretty to open individually. It looks like a birthday party!

First, Loopy spied two pink and brown Martha Stewart boxes. I let her pick the first treat to open. She was thrilled when she showed us the tiny cake! Look at the incredible detail, down to the fork on the plate and the pattern on the doily. Amazing. Chelle sent these goodies from "the Club Little House Bakery" and even went to the trouble of folding the cake boxes and putting windows on top. Can you just imagine?

Next, we were delighted to find Pam's art easel and canvases for the artist-in-residence, which we have a few of around here, so how handy! Notice the adorable little tube of paint and how the easel looks all painty and used. Too clever.

We got the biggest chuckle from this mermaid, sent from Susan. It came with a funny story about how the mermaid came to be the contribution - Susan pitched in to help Amy when someone else dropped out. And what a great job she did! We just adore the mermaid, and her little shell mirror. I'm thinking of wearing mermaid like a pin someday.

And of course, Amy herself never ceases to amaze and sent a tiny box from the miniature version of her famous on-line shopping emporium. I've ordered things from her so I know she really, truly goes to this much effort to wrap things so nicely! Inside the box was one of her special glitter houses! What a treasure. And a stack of mail, because our Amy just loves mail.

Sweet June, where do I begin? Loopy pounced on this one right away... but I insisted on opening it myself, I just had to. We all took quite a little breath when we saw the sweet CLH rug and a badge, too! All wrapped up exceptionally well and I must say I'd be proud to wear it anywhere. Loopy wants to wear it to school for "just one day" and I might let her, on a special occasion. The detail on the rug is something else! What fine work!

Amy's friend from Italy, Rosanna, sent the cutest pink dollhouse and a gumball machine. They were packaged so gorgeously it was difficult to break down and open them. Her handwriting is so elegant. The whole bit felt very extravagant and "European"... ooooh I loved it!

And yes, speaking of the wrapping, everyone did such a beautiful job sending their littles to each other. So many members used the CLH badge to make tags, wrapping and stickers:

And what was inside this lovely parcel from Anne? A soft green cabinet filled with tiny groceries including preserves and milk! And a little paper grocery bag, which thrilled me because I had one years ago but somehow I lost it, and I never lose track of my littles.

My one-on-one partner from last year, Maggie, really outdid herself! Check out these knitting needles, complete with a ball of yarn. Maggie, did you really sit and knit onto these toothpicks? That little basket just blows me away! The little boy and girl sillhouettes are going up on the dollhouse walls straight away.

What dollhouse craft/sewing room (or real life for that matter) would be complete without an inspiration board? This one came from Corrine, complete with inspiration on it already. It's actually magnetized with tiny brass magnets, can you believe it? The scissors are too too much.

Heather Rougeot made the sweetest little felt backpack... oh it is adorable, really. And then she packed three different goodie bags for it: a beach kit, a school kit and a craft kit. Sounds like the bag assortment I have at my house. This bag is so adorable I would wear it if it came in real-life size.

Loopy urged me to open the other pink and brown box, this one from Melissa. Inside we found a green metal lawn chair, wood crate, watering can and flowers... the chair is just perfect for our dollhouse porch and the gardening vignette we are working on in that area. And what a funky green colour she made it!

Last but not least, for I was truly hoping to get one of these littles: Heidi's folded shirts from Nordstom. I just about died when I saw those shirts. Ben buys his shirts in Nordstrom when we visit the US so I totally appreciate how cute these are! Amazing! What a cool idea!

And so Club Little House 2007 is over, I have many personal emails of thanks to send off so I'd best get at it. I can't even move these new goodies into my little house, it's all covered up with protective sheets because carpenters arrive tomorrow to do some work in the big house. I enjoyed every bit of CLH this year, from planning, visiting the blog, and of course, opening the littles. Thank you so much to everyone!


scrappaleica said...

Saucy, the Little treats are gorgeous. I tell you, you are going to crack me one day. I really wanted to make a dollhouse after reading about your beautiful works of art. But a house full of little boys under 3 feet is logically telling me not at this time!

Junie Moon said...

I absolutely love Club Little House--it is one of the best projects I've ever been privileged to join. Your pictures and little stories of everything is wonderful. I'm trying to get my act together to share my package, too.

MJ said...

What a tantalizing few days you've had! The Port looks interesting; I've never had Port so may have to check this out!

Love the Club Little House items too! I'd love to start something similar but can't imagine the details! Enjoy them!

Tiffany said...

Oh, they're all so darling! Such crafty crafty ingenius people!

Mrs. Staggs said...

It's all so wonderful! I always enjoy seeing the imaginative things the Club Little House members create.