feeling juicy couture - and very tired

My eyes, well every little bit of me is just pooped. Having a new puppy is like having a baby, don't you think? And I really didn't take into account when I signed up for two classes... homework. Today I had to keep on top of my art history reading for next week and also get started on a fairly major project for painting. I think I was feeling a little cocky and chose a fairly difficult subject matter... but oh well. It's good mental exercise.

Back to my eyes, they are pretty strained. Plus I rubbed them a bit (never a good idea when working with charcoal) and now they're sore. I'm wishing I had glasses just like Loopy's new ones (above). Curse my perfect eyesight! I never get to order cute glasses from Juicy Couture.


Q said...

Dear Saucy,
Of cource you can have darling "Art" glasses! Clear lens and you are cute as a button and eyes are protected! Puppies are like babies. I remember.... cute saves them every time.
Enjoy your classes. Looking forward to seeing your projects.
Art History could have a field trip to Paris! That would be fun.

Junie Moon said...

The glasses are indeed cute! I'm blind as the proverbial bat and have worn bifocals since I was a small child. Since my prescription calls for such a really thick lens, I never get to wear cute glasses despite paying extra for minimizer lenses. My solution was to get frameless glasses as then I don't feel like people are seeing coke bottles instead of me.