and the winner is...

Congratulations, Junie Moon - winner of my 200th post party-giveaway! For the sake of it, here's the draw drum in action... just to prove I'm legit:

And dear Junie Moon, make some room on your shelf, because a little someone special is coming your way... his name is Wallace.

Hopefully he won't be too much of a burden. Wallace really, really has a good heart. He is kind and true and will listen to all of your stories and then get them all mixed up when he tells your other bears. He likes to tell jokes but usually forgets the punchline. Wallace is lactose intolerant but still craves ice cream for every meal. You will know he has arrived by the distinct aroma of vanilla in your mailbox. Be kind to Wallace, Junie Moon, as I know you will, and good luck will come your way. Email me at so I can make his travel arrangements.

Also flying the coop is Dexter, aspiring decorator. He's off to the West Coast to bunk with Diva Deb. He's been after me for an apprenticeship so here's his chance. I must warn Deb that my Dexter has trouble with Imperial measurment as he was trained in the metric system. He doesn't calculate square footage accurately at all and I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but his colour-blindness has gotten him in some horrible mixups with paint chips. But he really does want to learn, and now he can learn from the best.

How did Wallace and Dexter come to be... in all of their shabby sweetness? Well it really is a horrible story. Warning: the next photos are graphic, indeed. Look away if you must.

Simmering away in Earl Grey tea (no other kind will do) for hours and hours... like a kind of hot tub for stuffed bears!

And then - into the sauna. Oh, the heat!!! The heat! Please make it stop! Some bears take up to 24 hours to get nice and dry and krispy and get those silly kinks in their legs. It is a terrible procedure, you can bet. Some of the bears also have a little cosmetic surgery, even after this ordeal. The scars are sewn shut with satin floss.

A little post-spa hair trim with tiny scissors and a new fussy tie for wardrobe and the makeover is complete. Tomorrow Dex and Wally will be packed up and shipped off to their new homes.

mmmmm..... cookies.... Crispy Chocolate Crinkles. Made by Loopy and I for her friend Alexandra's sleepover. Almost sleepover, that is. We've taken to those in our circle of friends: come to the party dressed in your pj's, bring your pillow, favourite cuddle and watch movies, eat popcorn, tell scary stories and the whole bit! Go home at eleven. No all-nighters. No anxiety. Go home and go to bed at bedtime! Love it!

A pail of cookies, all dressed up with someplace to go. The recipe is easy:
One package chocolate fudge cake mix (we like Betty Crocker)
1/2 cup butter
2 eggs, lightly beaten
Stir cake mix and softened butter into eggs until dough forms. Roll from teaspoon into 1" balls and then roll into granulated sugar or sprinkles. Bake at 375 degree oven for 10 minutes. Let sit on pan for two minutes before moving to cooling rack. Store (if you can) in a paper box or bag to keep crispy. These will get soggy in an airtight container. If they make it to the container.


Lisa said...

Reading your post is an every day must! This post is so cute. I love the story about the bears. How inventive. Good luck with the almost overnighter.

Junie Moon said...

Oh my, I am so tickled to be your 200th post winner—thank you so much! Wallace is so wonderful and I’m excited that he’s coming to my house to live. I do think we’re a good match because:

- He gets his stories mixed up as do I

- Wallace forgets joke punchlines—I forget them every single time

- He is lactose intolerant but craves ice cream—-ditto on both for me

- Wallace has a vanilla aroma—-today I used vanilla essential oil in my aromatherapy burners so this is an interesting bit of synchronicity

I promise to be kind and to love Wallace as he deserves such gentle treatment.

The story of Wallace and Dexter’s origins are indeed traumatic, what with the hot tub, sauna, and subsequent cosmetic surgery—definitely indications that Diva Deb and I should give extra care to these marvelous fellows.

Thank you again for this magnanimous gift as well as your yummy Crispy Chocolate Crinkles recipe.

MJ said...

I'm a little concerned about cruel and unusual punishment to bears that appears upon your blog. Photos of their plight posted too?! Poor bears! May they enjoy their new homes!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Congratulations to the lucky winners!
The photo of the bear peeking into the pot is sweet.
Best wishes, and thanks for the recipe!

Loopy said...

I am really against the cruelty to those poor teddys, MOM!!!!!!! You'll be hearing from my lawyer.

NancyBradshaw said...

AHH! Get the poor bear out of the oven! Those were very graphic pictures indeed! =D

Loopy! I agree! That lawyer had to have had a field day!