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Sounds like a cheerleading team from the forties, doesn't it? Or maybe a girl's singing group like the Andrews Sisters.

Clara is wearing the three of the vintage aprons that my mother, Marygrace (aka "the Fan") found in the back of the closet when she was doing one of her massive organization/purges. She can barely, if at all, get rid of anything. Well I'm glad she hung onto these three aprons that my grandmother (aka Baba) made and wore... probably back in the forties, come to think of it. This one is green gingham with embroidery on it and rickrack trim:

This is the fanciest one of them all, delicate pink cotton... with embroidery and a very flouncy bow at the back that you can't appreciate here because Clara's hips are too big. This is surely a hostess apron, if there ever was one.

This snappy blue and green cotton number is my favourite: I'm going to wear it at Ben's birthday dinner on Friday night when I serve the lasagna and cake to the birthday boy! I like that the material is a little heavier and it wraps almost all the way around.

Wonderful news: Miss Loopy has completely kicked her nail-biting habit, thanks to our brilliant esthetician, Sarah! She opened her own salon in January, and we followed her there. We'd follow her anywhere to get one of her great manicures or pedicures! Loopy has been wearing gel nails for almost a year now, and finally got the hang of not biting through them. Sarah makes them all pink and glittery with little decals... verrrry sassy! Visit Sarah at Studio One Esthetics in the Empyreal Building if you are in town.

And speaking of the Empyreal Building... why, oh why Sarah, did you have to go and get a nice salon space right above the best antique store in town? Every single time Loopy, the Fan or I have an appointment with you or Shaundra (waxologist) we are drawn through the maze of the absolute best antique furniture and vintage bric-a-brac. My friend Melody has worked there for years. Yesterday she was about to take tea with her Old Country Roses tea service when I arrived.

The antique bookseller is right down the street, too. While Loopy was getting her manicure, I browsed through the old musty stacks. I found some very good treasures, but being the well-behaved girl that I am, I left back two wonderful finds, which of course I regretted almost immediately. First, a book called Sasha... yes! It's a little blue leather bound Russian novel. I never get things with my name on them. And then... gasp! The three-volume set of Thackeray's Vanity Fair... oooh, I love the character of Becky Sharp. I left it behind too, since I couldn't justify buying either. Not after the great plate debacle, anyway.

Last night I attended the fun and talented Lecia's layout class featuring the Elsie Flanigan line. What fun! I really needed to break out of my rut and try some new things. The Elsie papers are perfect for that! I met some great new people and did three layouts, one of which I will keep working on at home. Crazy Lecia had everything: paper, paint, ribbon, and enough Scrabble tiles to spell out Homer's Iliad. Note to self: start looking for old Scrabble tiles! Before the class, Lecia made the cute paper clay buttons and embellishments for us to paint. What a ton of prep work - thanks so much for a great evening, Lecia! In the layout above, I used a picture of the kids that my brother took for my birthday gift this year. The black-and-white version is hanging in our gallery.
And guess what? One more page for the wedding album complete... about 250 left to go!


MJ said...

Great aprons!

I gotta see your scrapbooks! They look fabulous! Glad to hear that you aren't current on them either! There's hope for the rest of us! LOL!

scrappaleica said...

Love the aprons Sasha! THe best part is that your gramma made them!!!! I'm so glad you had fun at the Elsie class, I think you were a celebrity with how many people already knew about you through your blog!
I also think you need the book "Sasha". if anything convert it to an altered book or journal! Had fun with you last night!

Kelly said...

OOOOh, I love these layouts!!!
I also love the baby portrait, (did I say that already??)
If I have another babes, I gotta find you and become your friend (or at least pay you lotsa $$!) to take a picture this awesome!

Lisa said...

I love this layout and the fact you added your own doodling. I do that too!

jody said...

It was nice to meet you at Leica's Elsie class the other night! I got a kick out of your spunkiness and was anxious to read the infamous blog that the girls were talking about. Awesome blogger, you are! Hope to see you at another scrapping event and chat.