craft room spoilers

The Lovely Lady Loopykins is in a scrapbooking workshop all day today at Just Scrap It. I hope to use the five hours wisely, sorting out the chaos that is the craft room. It's getting ridiculous. Some things in it are working well and make me happy:

This fellow dangles from a perch of hatboxes that rest on my computer cabinet. He keeps watch over the weather vane.

The mural I am working on for the wall behind my desk. Tres magnifique! So much more to add to it, I'm not really thrilled with the overall effect, I have some repairs to do. I'm sort of collaging right onto the plaster...

And nailing little goodies and treasures here and there... like this cherub, some real antique stamps and photos...

A plaster cherub shelf that holds my two little Eiffels.

All sorts of scraps and ephemera are finding their way onto the wall. Vintage brooches, transfers, my Princess Di stamps too!

This is a Baba Bear and her granddaughter on their way to visit the old country. They are all dressed in fur and carry smart luggage. The other bears are waiting on the bench at the station and, sadly, won't give up their seats for the ladies.

These two fellows got into trouble when they were playing with my vintage spools of thread. Now they can't get undone. It's quite sad, but I'm going to leave them that way. They need to serve as an example to the other bears in the room not to touch things that aren't theirs.

I hope I can sort out the closet and the worktable and make some headway in the computer area. Today, I vow to get the internet working in that room and maybe even finish up some of the little jobs that are cluttering up my workspace. I hope that I will be able to report at the end of the day that I have completed a job well done, and maybe have some more photos - of organized chaos, not just chaos.


Emily said...

Hey! I have that naughty little brown bear with the blue bow that won't give up his seat, too! He's one of my favorites - I love his floppy little head!

MJ said...

I am glad to see that you haven't unravelled the teddies involved in the thread capade: past history reflects future performance! Naughty bears!

Lisa said...

Hi Saucy. Nice to finally meet you! MJ has said such nice things about you.

I too have a French mural that I did on a mini wall in my computer room. It isn't nearly as ambitious as yours by the way. I love that you added the embellishments, nice touch. I'm also crazy about the VanderBears, who you have named BaBa Bear. I loved that line, I think they only make Muffy these days. Anyhow fun room, fun gal. I'll be back!

Saucy said...

I don't know if those are Vanderbears! I will check, because they still have their tags...I think we bought those ones because the tag on the little one said "Sasha" and that's my name!