welcome to our yard

I spent a good deal of the day in the 95 degree heat fussing over my Club Little House work. It was nice to be inside the air conditioning of my Mom and Dad's house (aka "the Fan" and "the Secret Weapon"). I can't show it to you yet, of course. Would you like to see the backyard of my house, without a giant tree smashed onto the patio?

The pergola is repaired and I did get my dream set of garden furniture. The Fan and I hung my collection of Crate and Barrel globe lights while Veto, the Secret Weapon and Uncle Bug assembled the furniture. I keep sunscreens and bug sprays in that white wicker basket drawer set at the back door. It should be brown to match, so I'd best paint it.

I splurged on an outdoor patio rug... just a little darker green than the house. I adore the loveseat built for two and the other pieces can be moved around sectional-style.

There are two chaise lounges by the pool. Bahama Mama has her own lawnchair, she likes to take a little sun on the patio.

It cooled off when I got back from the 'rents and I couldn't resist a late night sit in my cozy backyard living room. I read Lois Hole's Perennial Favourites book, deciding what plants I might buy on sale this week....

The existing plants came in so nicely! It looks like my dragonflies are soaring above a forest.


MJ said...

Your outdoor living area looks lovely! Hope you have lots of time to enjoy it this summer!

Q said...

Dear Saucy,
Your backyard living room is lovely! Glad you bought the furniture you wanted. It will last a lifetime! It looks very comfortable and beautiful!
I love Dragonflies and Damsels!
It seems to be very hot for you. My goodness, I would not have thought you would have temps in the 90's as far North as you are.
Staying cool and having fun projects with your folks is the best summer activity I can think of.
Too hot for hugs,
Butterfly wings,

scrappaleica said...

your pergola room looks awesome. such a nice living space with beautiful plants all around.

Pepper said...

Awesome, just as you wanted it hey??? Can hardly wait to sit back there and chat!

jeanetta said...

i am so in love with your perola. i have always wanted one and now that my husband knows what they are called he likes them too. lol. i will definately be showing him the pic of yours.

Anonymous said...

A little slice of heaven.