puppy love

Today we got the good news... a litter of pups were born at Black Bear Farms in Killarney, Ontario - and one of them will be ours! They are weimeraner/labrador cross, giving us the sleek shape of the weimeraner tempered with the behaviour of a lab. He or she will be grey in colour, sometimes called a "silver lab".
The puppy will arrive via Air Canada in September. We are thinking of the name Duke for a male or Duchess for a female... any other suggestions?
Ben is a fan of the University of Michigan and their fight song is "Hail to the Victors" so I thought Victor would be a good name. Ben didn't.
Gramps was named for Ty Cobb so Ben thought Tyrus would be a good name. I like the Detroit Tigers so I thought Tiger was a better name. We agreed to disagree on this point in general.
Ben is a huge Green Bay Packer fan, but he thinks there are a million dogs in Wisconson named Farve so we threw that one out the window. I was glad.
This name thing is at a standstill.


Erin Earls said...

How adorable! I love the mixes that are out there. This is a new one for me. We are also Green bay fans, I prefer Longwell,(A fellow Bend High student, he was a year ahead of me) but that sounds more like a name for a Doxie, and he is now a Viking. There are so many names to chose, and you want just the perfect name. They are all good names, can't wait to find out what you pick.

Joy said...

I just adopted two english Springer Spaniels, We decided to keep their names, The Boy Dogs name is "Don Drysdale", we call him "Drysdale" and "Dale" for short. His Sisters name is Sandy Kofacs, we call her "Sandy", even though , Yes, It's a boys Name! have fun with the new puppy!

Saucy said...

UPDATE! There were six pups in the litter, four are grey or silver-grey. Male and female to choose from, and all are doing well.

michelleb. said...

Friends of ours have a silver male weimeraner; his name is "Smokey". Not very original, but it fits him perfectly.

michelleb. said...

I have not heard of a Weimeraner/Lab mix. What a great temprament. Our friend's dog bites people. A little nip, but it draws blood and it's whether he knows you or not...Smokey could definitely use a little Lab in his personality.