just how hot is it?

It's not quite as hot as it was in Costa Rica in 2004... that was pretty hot! 97 degrees in the shade.

But its warmer than the Bahamas in 2005... at least there was an ocean breeze to keep us cool.

It's almost 90 degrees here today, and I overfilled the pool. I forgot that I put the hose in it before Sid and I went to the annual Second Avenue Sidewalk Sale. It is exactly full to the top, but in this heat I am sure some of it will evaporate off. We're off to the movies for the evening to have a little cool off and some popcorn.


Cherry Menlove said...

Saucy, the day you describe is exactly what I long for right now. We are in our fourth week of rain here in England and I have never known anything like it. I hope you had a wonderful July 4th.

Cherry xx

MJ said...

Hurrah! I love having air conditioning in my home! I've been cool as a cucumber in this heat!

scrappaleica said...

awesome layouts Saucy! I think you and your sweetie so love each other & traveling together!Cant wait to see more travel pics!