i believe it is called al fresco

We anticipated rain today but it didn't come to cool us off. It's still very, very warm... and now humid, I can't remember it ever being humid here. It was a nice day to stand in the river and take pictures of my friends Marlys and Lance, they are expecting their first baby any day now. Tonight I have the usual several hours ahead on PhotoShop - especially when you click off 260 pictures in an hour! With their permission, I'll have some photos to show you tomorrow. I took their wedding photos in Jamaica in 2004, you can see them here.

Tomorrow Ben will be home, hopefully the weather will hold out for a nice backyard meal. My friend Sharon made these rocks for us - she and her father hunt nice, smooth river rocks and sandblast them with words. I use these for place markers, sometimes I stuff them in my decorative jars with sand, or I put them in our little water fountain... so many things to do with rocks etched with your name!

Now if you would just tell me... what should I serve for supper?


scrappaleica said...

Sasha,love the rocks!!!! another too funny thing, is I have a good friend whose name is Marlys (spelled the same way) and who had a cousin named Lance. (that's how I met Jim...) As for what to serve, I really think that it has to be a shrimp, steak ,scallops (something that is still manly but rich in flavour because if you get to eat by that glorious pool and sit on such a nice garden set. Seafood & steak scream out to me. Maybe with a vinagrette dressing on a bed of lettuce leaves ... can I be invited? tee hee.

Saucy said...

Can you believe... my husband refuses to eat seafood? He's crazy, I'll tell ya. Cr-azy.

Kelly said...

You should do bacon wrapped filet mignon with a stuffed potatoe and spinach salad with strawberries, slivered almonds and an apple cider vinegar type dressing. YUMMY. My mouth is fully watering!!!
Can I come too?

Miz Smoochie Lips said...

I love the rocks also!
For dinner I would serve a chicken & artichoke salad served on croissants, with fresh berries over sherbet for dessert. Maybe throw a ceasar salad in for good measure.

Q said...

Dear Sasha,
At my house we are having grilled zucchini steaks and sliced tomatoes. The peaches are in season so we will have peaches too. No seafood for us either or meat!
Beautiful place settings.