fun with google challenge

I found this bit of fun on Pumpkin Cupcake's blog: Type your first name plus the word "needs" into Google and you can generate a pretty interesting list... your name plus "wants" also works.

Here are my needs and wants:

Sasha needs a vacation
Sasha needs attention on flickr
Sasha needs a cocktail
Sasha needs a ride to Oklahoma
Sasha needs a producer for her next album
Sasha needs to have her house training started all over again as if she were a puppy
Sasha needs to take her medicine with four ounces of fluid at midnight
Sasha needs an adult she can confide in
Sasha needs professional help
Sasha needs dental treatment
Sasha needs a cool, dust free place away from cats, dogs and children
Sasha needs to comb her hair
Sasha needs a brother-in-law who is a hitman

Sasha wants to practice acrobatics
Sasha wants to be famous
Sasha wants to have a normal life
Sasha wants to be a driver when she grows up
Sasha wants a small snack
Sasha wants to return to the sound of several hundred years ago
Sasha wants to quit skating to become a cook
Sasha wants to cut a fragment of N consecutive digits from one one piece without the comma
Sasha wants Vince to stay in the apartment
Sasha wants to help with the war
Sasha wants to borrow Jenni's dress
Sasha wants to stay in Western Europe
Sasha wants to prove she can kill a rat
Sasha wants to act as mother to kittens
Sasha wants to raise Nadia
Sasha wants to be a rock star
Sasha wants to than the many women she has worked with over the years at the yoga studio
Sasha wants someone to babysit
Sasha wants more sleep
Sasha wants a second chance
Sasha wants a normal brother
Sasha wants to see a movie with Sergei
Sasha wants to have the family together
Sasha wants to know who committed the crime

So I'd like to send a little challenge out there to google your name plus your needs and wants and post it on your blog for all to see! You don't have to admit to any of them.... but go ahead... see if any of them are true. I wouldn't mind having normal brothers, now that I think about it.


scrappaleica said...

Okay, I totally triede my name out, but unfortunately I share the spelling of that famous camera, so all my needs & wants revolved around that lens. But I did try other names. It was fun.

Pumpkin Cupcake Queen said...

Glad you are spreading the google love! RE: my days as a groupie....sadly, my band never made it big, so I'm afraid you wouldn't have heard of them :(