baby will make three!

Just a matter of days until our friends deliver their first baby and they become a family! I'm very excited for them. Here are a few of the shots we took yesterday....

There were so many to choose from.... don't you love digital cameras? We did all the fun poses, too, like the hands on her tummy and his hands making a little heart... we even had a dragonfly land on Lance's shoulder and stay for lots of pictures - I'm sure it's good luck!
They told me the baby's name... sshhhhh... it's a secret. I can't say a word.
I've volunteered to take the first baby pictures, too. I can hardly wait.


MJ said...

I really like the photo with them facing away from you with the other side of the river in view! Nice perspective!

This is my 1st comment left from my new laptop (purchased yesterday...) I am getting ready for the retreat & teaching at U in Sept!

Tiffany said...

How sweet!

Q said...

Dragonflies are lucky!
Best of wishes for this new family!

scrappaleica said...

you take such awesome pictures!