all buttoned up

Guess what happened to me the other day? I decided it would be a good day to sort my buttons. First thing you need to know, I have lots of buttons... and the second thing: I adore sorting things. Any object, big or small, if it needs sorting, I will sort it. For example, when I was a little girl, I loved to sort my pigtail holders. Sometimes by style, sometimes by colour. I keep my cabinets sorted with my soup labels facing outward. All Campbells, all stacked together, broths here, cremes there, stacked and sorted. Underwear drawer? Sorted. Matching sets, knickers on one side of the drawer, cups on the other. So you can understand how a rainy morning of button sorting would get me all wound up. This is how it began:

And then the doorbell rang. There was Mr. Postman. With a parcel from Kelly! Inside was a gorgeous button bracelet made by our fabulous friend, Gina. Can you imagine how sweet it is? Click on the picture to see it larger. It has Gina's famous dangling crystals hanging between vintage buttons. Of course, I put on my button shirt to model it. By the way, Kelly is convinced that Gina and I are psychically linked because things like this have happened before...

Proud of ourselves, Loopy and I separated all of the buttons into R-O-Y-G-B-I-V. Suddenly, it didn't look like so many buttons:

After the rainbow was out of the mix, we sorted darks and lights. I must say I prefer the look of the lights, with all of the clear and pearl finishes. What do you think Miss Gina could do with these babies?


scrappaleica said...

okay, totally got chills reading your blog. I am a sorter from way back too. But as a surprise my grandparents just gave me 2 huge peavey mart type drawer things filled with buttons all sorted by colour, and then again by size full of buttons. (they have been getting them at garage sales.)so how weird is that. Everyone must be sorting buttons on rainy days!I'll have to send you a picture of a funky necklace I made with buttons. I love it!

Kelly Hicks said...

How perfect is your shirt with your bracelet. That still was such a funny thing that you didn't recieve it until that day. Gina was over here on Monday & I just told her that story. She couln't believe it either, but kinda of could. wink wink.