alex is... 15?

... already? Fifteen years, you say? I still see him in my mind's eye running around in overalls behind Buddy. Oh, well. Even though my nephews and children are getting older, I'm staying the same age! Is that happening to you, too?

Tonight we had a barbeque and big swim in the pool for a birthday celebration. Still too hot to cook too much, so I didn't put out one of my famous Saucy-cakes. These potatoes are made from - ice cream! Aren't they the cutest thing you ever did see? If you want instructions on how to make them, Martha posted the recipe here. They are so simple, so very easy, and just plain fun. We told the kids there were too many potatoes left after dinner so that what they were getting for dessert! I still can't believe that Alex is fifteen. I hope you had a wonderful birthday, chum!
Tomorrow is 07-07-07. Sounds like a lucky day, doesn't it?


MJ said...

Cute new header!! Congrats Alex! Only 3 or so more years, Jan?

Ribbon Rock Star said...

I love the potatoe/ice creams!


the fan said...

Another "Birthday Cake Hit"- I remember years ago - you made 'dirt'in flower pots with gummy worms! The boys LOVED it!!!