three generation all-girl road trip

I am exhausted. In a good way. In an attempt to keep myself busy while Ben is away, I drove my mother "the fan" and Sidney "Loopy" to Alberta for a long weekend visit with Ben's mother. Loopy was in dire need of some Double-Gramma-tag-team-attention.

We had great weather and fine company. We shopped and walked and ate and visited as much as we could. We found the cutest little shop called Honey-bee's on Kensington Road in Calgary... if you are ever around there, you simply must check it out! They are working on a website so I will keep you all posted.

We had a little dog-and-pony show getting home. It's a good thing we had such a great visit with my mother-in-law, that took the edge off a really, really bad, "we'll laugh about this in a few years" kind of trip home.

It started with a quick spin through IKEA on the way home and of course I overdid just a tad. A tad enough to be tying two big boxes onto the roof rack of the Jeep - just before the torrential rain started. We ducked into a Fatburger for takeout and Sid needed a bathroom pit-stop. So we hit the road for home in the worst rain I've ever seen, it was pounding. The straps (we thought) were making quite a racket in the rain as we sped along and then they stopped. Right about the time we were well out of town and the rain let a bit I stopped for Krispy Kremes for the road and guess what!? The cardboard from the boxes was torn away by the rain and the wood and there sat the pieces - all of them if you can believe - tied and strapped to the roof rack, ready to spill at any minute! So that was the rattling sound. At least the straps held onto the furniture. Doughnuts save the day again.
We had to repack the entire vehicle - no small feat! All the while it was drizzling and a wind had kicked up. The joint was out of doughnuts and things were NOT looking good for the trip back, as I'd made a bed for Sid in the back seat with the wooden planks of my IKEA shoe bench and hat rack. She was not amused.
Back onto the expressway and Little Miss Loopy in the back seat bursts into tears, she's forgotten her novel back at the Fatburger!!! No place to turn around so I have to drive to Airdrie, Alberta to turn around, while phoning the place to make sure they've got the book, and she is in quite a dither over her lost book, the rain is pouring down and in Calgary even on a Sunday night the traffic is bumper to bumper. We make our way back to the restauraunt and they can't find the book when I go in of course. Not even an open bookstore in sight to buy a new copy of the book as far as I can see in the hail which has now begun. They locate the book and her little bag and she is so grateful, why she absolutely needed to read that book all the way home. She is asleep in four minutes, the book is wedged under the shoe bench.

This is the point where goofy directions, poor road signage, weather conditions and road construction get us hopelessly, completely lost, just trying to get out of town. I finally announce that the compass on the dash says EAST so by god we are staying on this road and going east, this city has got to end sooner or later and I will find a road going northeast.

It's a very good job that Ben phoned me right at that moment because he was just wondering where we were at and he gave me directions to get back on the right road home... at almost two o'clock in the morning.

Don't let the horrible road home story lead you astray: it was, in fact, a fantastic weekend. Have you ever had a crazy road trip? It just happens sometimes. It's good to be home.


MJ said...

Oh, the road trips! Past and future; very few in the immediate future for me! I remember a roadtrip in Los Angeles that makes for interesting story-telling! Glad to see you got the book! The road-trip story almost always ends well!

Listoria said...

OMG! What a trip home! Sounds like my last trip to Boston with my two friends who never leave Maine and are terrified driving in small cities, let alone big ones. It was definitely a "We'll laugh about this years from now" moment.



Pepper said...

Sheesh buddy! Not a cool way to end it but at least you are home now!!!!!!

Q said...

Glad you are back home safe and sound!
I have also had road trips where all I wanted to do was to be home.