serendipity, secrets and faries

Just today my fairy jar arrived from my friend Little Melfie. Isn't she adorable?

She came with a lovely banner for the wall of the craft room... and a secret question...

Thank you so much Mel! I love her. The little touches (and the little bird of inspiration) are so perfect! So you've heard of "the secret plan" have you? I'm working away at it these days, but you know how it is! The whole fairy jar swap did inspire me so much though... I can't wait to incorporate the whole thing, including your lovely jar into the plan.

Mel fretted quite a bit about the tardy arrival of this jar. Fairy must have seen a ton of sights on the way to Canada. But today, just when I needed a pick-me-up the most, she arrived. Loopy was home from school and I was flat on my back with my arthritis. We both badly, badly needed some cheering up and when the postman rang the bell I knew just from the sound of it that it was my fairy! So you see, she waited to show up at just the right moment in time, like all fairies do. Fairies rely heavily on serendipity.

If you look closely at the shredded paper in the jar, it looks like directions to someplace very interesting, a secret location that only the fairies know about... but then of course, they shred their documents. The attention to detail on this jar is amazing. Mel had some input, a "little birdie" gave her a hint about making this jar special! It has a wonderful skeleton key that I'm going to incorporate into my "secret plan"... more about that another day. Thank you again, Mel! I love my fairy! Thank you for hosting such an inspirational swap.


Amy said...

As you can see, I cannot keep a secret. *blush*

Tiffany (formerly known as Listoria) said...

How adorable!

Q said...

The Fairies are right there to help you!
So charming.
Happy Solstice!

MJ said...

Hey, K and N have been shredding paper lately! I wonder whether they are fairies in training? They are mischievous enough and I fear if they sprout wings! Hope you are feeling better!

BOSSY said...

How. Cool. Is. That?