the pergola is up

It's a little hard to tell from this photo, but the pergola makes a huge impact on the backyard-scape. Now that the house has been painted, it was time to put it up. Ben, my dad and my brother spent most of the day on Sunday bolting it into the ground - now I really can't change my mind about where I want it! It's a little hard to visualize right now, but here's my plan to complete the makeover:
1. I have fibreglass window boxes the same colour as the pergola for the lower windows. Hope to get them attached this weekend and maybe even planted.
2. I'm ordering new shaker-style shutters for the upper windows when I get replacement shutters for the front windows. I think that it will fill the space above the pergola and the upper windows won't look so naked.
3. New outdoor light fixtures... maybe this style.
4. New garden doors opening out on that hideous blue "deck", which by the way has to go, to be replaced with some functional dark-brown wooden deck and some sort of surround for Ben's barbeque.
5. We need a new fence on that side of the yard for sure... a nice TALL brown fence, or maybe the colour of the house? Anyway, did I mention TALL?
6. I have oodles of white twinkle lights for the maple tree and about five packs of globe string lights for the pergola.
7. This is the outdoor furniture I desire oh-so-badly... but it's on sale for a fraction of the price here.
8. Can I grow vines on that pergola? What kind of vines would grow well... one of the legs is very near the flower bed... I can plant a perennial this year and see what it does.
9. Even with a tall, brown fence, that house next door is a bit of an eyesore. Our neighbours might be moving in the fall, so here's hoping the new owners opt to paint next spring. I'd miss our nice neighbours, but I don't think I'd miss that pink. Plus, this spring they cut down a whole row of trees on their property line, so now we really, really see it.
Any other suggestions?? I am so open for suggestions.


Q said...

Dear Saucy,
What growing zone are you? I would plant honeysuckle! The Hummingbirds love it!
Shutters will look great as will the Mission style lights.
You also could do supersized deck pots and glorius vines on the fence.
Pink house is pink! Easy to find your house! LOL
So glad all is coming together for you.

Tiffany said...

Ohh, honeysuckle would be lovely! I can see a clematis, too!

Such great ideas you have for this spot (I want to jump in that pool - it's so hot here!)



Kelly said...

Love your backyard, we are working on our slowly ... it takes alot of time (and money!)

MJ said...

Your exterior paint is lovely! I'm sure whatever you do will go well! I've had lots of success with our clematis but you may want to consider how much sun exposure, etc. Our clematis is doing well where it is east-facing. I've also been encouraged to keep it away from the house foundation (at least 6 inches) so that it doesn't cause future problems as vines are prone to doing!

Miz Smoochie Lips said...

I Love the pergola!!
I have those similar patio chairs you linked, but mine are sort of rocky-bouncy. Our set included a gas fire-pit table. Not sure where you're located (I'm guessing Canada?) but our local Fred Meyers chain carries them.

I can see billowy white sheers swagged from your pergola until you find the perfect thing to vine!

Amy said...

I love your new backyard! And the view from this photo looks very similar to my own. Well, okay, maybe I live in a late seventies era quad level, but the door to the patio/pool area is located in the same spot as your door and we have a gazebo thingie right where your pergola is. We're planning to make a pergola on ours too, but right now we're building a swingset and landscaping the front yard.
You've accomplished so much already. It's just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Can you send me a few pictures of your pergola? I would like a view from underneath looking up to the sky. I am going to have one built in my backyard and I like the look of yours.

Anonymous said...

I may have to move in. If you are ever planning on moving let me know, I may have to move back "home".

Sal said...

Who built the pergola? It's a nice design however... The two beams running across supporting all of the upper members is under-sized. Look at the beams they are bending under the strain, these should have been at least twice the thickness to avoid this.

Saucy said...

Um, Sal... it was from Costco. The cross beams are actually solid metal. It's now been standing for two years in Canadian weather... touch wood... it seems fine.