our visit from beyond

When we moved into our new house, we noticed a cute little doggie on our street who never wore a collar and seemed to belong to... well, nobody. Even in the cold of winter, he strolled the crescent, sat when he got tired, and generally hung out. Nobody seemed to worry about him as if he were lost, in fact, people waved at him as they passed him on the street. He seemed to just be a part of the street, like one of the trees or the houses.

Since he had no collar, we didn't know his name. He was so friendly, always coming over for a pet or a visit... Ben and I started calling him "Gramps". He reminded us of Ben's Grampa who passed in July of 2005. He was such a friendly sort who went for walks and stopped to talk to everybody...

As winter turned to spring, Gramps came to visit more often. One afternoon I was in the porch doing some painting and had the door propped open. He wandered inside and sat down. He stayed for almost two hours. He comes and goes as he pleases, visiting all the neighbours on the street and making himself at home. He likes to know everybody he meets.
The day before yesterday, I went to check on the pool, and there he was, lounging in the shade of our backyard. He lifted his head as if to say a casual "hello" and returned to his resting position. He drifts in and out of our yard and our life. We found out his real name is "Jimmy" but we still call him Gramps most of the time, and he answers to it. I think Ben secretly likes the idea that that dog is his Grampa. I secretly like the idea that it makes Ben happy to think that.


Tiffany (formerly known as Listoria) said...

Oh my goodness, what a cutie he is! We have a neighborhood cat like that - his name is spot and he loves to torment my dog (sits just beyond her reach on her run and cleans himself) and making faces through the door at my indoor cat when she is on the porch. He's a sweetheart though!

Tammy said...

I love this post!! So sweet. I wish I lived in the neighborhood, and Jimmy/Gramps would come visit me, too!

Pepper said...

Love that Saucy!

Mrs. Staggs said...

This is a wonderful post! My favorite so far Sasha.
I think "Gramps" is a name that suits him perfectly.
Love the peonies down below.
I hope you're feeling better now.