nothing says you care like... prunes!

This weekend we went to the 40th birthday bash for our best buddy Bruce Rempel. It was the "Journey to the Tourney" event as he has FINALLY secured tickets to the gallery at Augusta for the Master's Golf Tournament next April. Why take flowers... when you can give someone a lovely bouquet of prunes to celebrate the next phase of life? I arranged the greens that I purchased from Carla at Blossoms and added the prunes that I'd picked onto bamboo skewers wrapped in floral tape. It was a very, very classy bouquet.

Today I was in my all-time favourite scrapbooking store - evah! I've been to scrapbooking stores in Chicago, Phoenix, San Fransisco, Windsor, Toronto... well, let's just say there's no place like home sometimes when it comes to shopping for craft supplies. In my hometown we are lucky to have a great miniature store and a wonderful scrapbooking store. Who knew? I did, that's who! Just Scrap It is now on Blogger! I've been shopping there for my scrapbooking supplies (oh, and there have been so many) for years and Ralna has the best shop, bar none! Every time I'm on a trip and get all gassed up to search out scrap supplies, I always realize that Ralna has the best selection... you just can't top Just Scrap It! That's my shout out for the day. Now I'd better start scrapping those birthday pictures.


scrappaleica said...

thanks for leaving a message. I have thoroughly had a great time going through your blog. Isn't it funny how people reconnect? I think your blog is great! lovely house and all your special touches and I LOVE the jar idea. It is so cool! I'll be back for sure!

Miz Smoochie Lips said...

Oh gosh, the prunes tucked in are just hillarious!!

MJ said...

I sent a prune bouquet to an older sister for her 40th birthday too! It took her a little while to realize that the prunes weren't dried flowers & then she had a great laugh!

I'll have to check out Just Scrap It's website! Thanks for the tip!

Ralna @ Just Scrap It! said...

thanks sasha for saying such lovely things about JSI. It's always a pleasure to see you and your mom in the store. btw happy belated birthday.