say goodnight rory

All good things must come to an end. Blogging hiatuses. Giant birthday cakes. The Gilmore Girls. Tonight we bid adieu to all three.

It was the last episode of the Gilmore Girls. Ever. Loopy and I had a special picnic on the living room floor of pizza, Chinese food, Hello Kitty pop tarts, Captain Crunch cereal, cookie dough, Dr. Pepper and coffee. We laughed. We cried. We didn't answer the phone when it rang. It was a perfect ending but we were disappointed there was no clip show beforehand. I love clip shows before a series finale, don't you? They're like TV snacking. They make me a little sentimental.

Obviously I have my computer set up. In an embarassment of riches, I also got the right card for my laptop so blogging will now be so much easier! I have so many stories to tell, so much to show you. Camera cords, check. Glad to be back!


Mrs. Staggs said...

I'm a little embarassed to say that I cried! I'm going to really miss my Tuesday nights in Stars Hollow.
Welcome back Sasha! I cant' wait to see all you've accomplished!

DivaDeb said...

Oh JOY!!!!! A Saucy post! The Blogging Queen returns! There will be joy in Mudville tonight....

We've missed you, dear girl!
Now, on to the important stuff: Pictures. Lots and lots of pictures...

Listoria said...

Ah, end of Gilmores! I nearly cried when I found out! And, since I don't have cable, I have to wait until tomorrow night when my mother comes to visit and brings the tape of it (lucky me to have parents with satelite!) Oh I can't wait!

Looks like you had a feast worthy of Lorelei and Rory!



Q said...

Your new to you house looks beautiful! You did so much work and all the decorating has turned out gorgeous! Great pieces at great prices.
Glad you are posting again.
Happy, happy new home.

Susan said...

Boohoo! No more Lorelei. I'm sad, too.

Your house is coming along just great. I'm so glad you shared pics of it.

Doojie said...

Brava! Had there been more warning I would have liked to have a party that night, too. Good for you doing it up right! I thought that it was probably good that the season finale ended up as the series finale as I fear what they might have done given the chance. It still seemed to somewhat wrap up some loose ends but left enough for us to play with in our imaginations. Hopefully they will still do a clip show, they've got all the material and theirs would be an especially good one with all the great one-liners.

I love your blog and art and your home. Mel Lobdell turned me onto you, thanks Mellie.

And how lucky is she to get that fab fairy jar!!!!! I'm pea green and going straight to ebay to try to find lanterns...beautiful.