pinky pinkerton

In all the hubbub of the last while, with birthdays and travel and renovations, I forgot to show you Loopy's pink 'do. We did this almost a month ago now, and I'm amazed she still has lots of pink - it's faded into the shrimp-cocktail version you see here but it was pretty flourescent when it was fresh! I realized I hadn't shared it with you when I saw Miz Smoochie lips' Pinky gal - I wonder how they are fading out?

We are debating the re-do hair-do before it's completely gone, but I wonder what havoc the summer sun and the swimming pool will wreak upon all this cuteness?
Next time we colour her hair, we'll take pictures right away!

Even at twelve, she's still up for a swing at the park on our street. I took 98 pictures tonight. I never tire of trying to get a good shot of the kids, no matter how old they are.
Veto came home for one day, on Saturday he's off for three weeks to Ontario. He brought me a dozen of these, no need for flowers here! The way to my heart - or out of the doghouse - is with pastry.
We'll miss dad while he's away, but we'll get the gardening underway, take part in Little Melfie's Fairy Jar Swap, paint the kitchen, and take a road trip to visit Grandma Shirley. Check in on us, will you?


MJ said...

You got some great shots of Loopy! The pink is fun but chlorine will likely reek havoc upon her 'do!

I'm glad I didn't get those donuts! Yummy as they likely are, I might as well just paste them to my hips!

ps: loved the high maintenance card! Hope you can use the dragonfly as a weight for napkins or such during your backyard bashes this summer!

Tammy said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my little blog! I wanted to pop over and say hello. Love what's going on over here, and think I'll come by often! :) cheers...tammy

Natasha said...

Oh I love the pink!! Too cool

What a fun blog you havve here!!