more 40th

Sweet Pepper worked hard on my birthday celebration. She was in cahoots with Veto and the Fan. She even wrangled her mother in on the action! I don't know how she does it, she's so busy. But enough good stuff about her - she made a photo collage of all proof of my bad hair days over the last 40 years! Actually, it's pretty adorable, not just because it's plastered with photos of moi, but I can look at it forever and so many memories are captured right there, in one wonderful piece of art. She organized it at WalMart, of all places - what a crafty gal! She looked a little pooped at the end of the party that night, and she had to work the next day. I hope she knows I had a wonderful time and I really appreciate everything! Thanks, dollface.

This is a cardboard maquette of the fireplace mantle my Dad is making for us:

It will be red oak stained dark to match both the original and new hardwoods. I had the hearth made, the top surface is concrete. Deep enough for extra seating, plus I can put my decorated jars out. So far, I'm loving the scale of it. I'll keep the maquette up for a few days as a test drive. I am a huge fan of dentil moulding these days, we have it on the outside of the house, in the den and now on the fireplace.

Tonight I'm going to attempt putting up the tin ceiling in the powder room by myself. Veto is out of town, it's a little cold and rainy, and I need a project.

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MJ said...

Pepper did a great job on the party & the collage was wonderful! It brought back many memories for me too!

I like the fireplace & your ideas about it! It'll be fun to see how it turns out!