hidden treasures

I spent the better part of the weekend getting the pool opened up for the first time. It was gorgeous weather here on Sunday afternoon, but the pool was hovering just under 70 degrees. Loopy and her cousins jumped in anyway! I weeded and gardened away. Otherwise, my time was spent in the craft room, organizing and sorting, getting set up, and working on my fairy jar for Little Melfie. The desk is starting to look less random. The fairy jar is hidden on it somewhere... can you spot it?

The craft room has a walk-in closet! Ooooh I am in craft heaven.
I'm starting to get a handle on it. There was some decent shelving and good lighting already. I need to add lots of hooks for tools....

I painted the wall behind Clara with blackboard paint. After I cure it, I plan on lettering a welcome verse for all who enter. She pops out much better with her pretty pink apron on against the black background, don't you agree? Eventually the orange antique shelf will be filled with small mason jars, but the family has to eat lots of Classico bruschetta until then.


Listoria said...

Oooooh, a walk-in in the craft room...I am GREEN with envy!

My niece and nephew were swimming all weekend despite the pool temp being very chilly...I swear the cold doesn't affect them!


MJ said...

Ohhhh! A walk in closet with lots of space for organizing! You always get the best crafting spaces!! Lucky you!

Q said...

Your jars are lovely!
I also do all sorts of "trip scapes" little items I find while we travel.
I love found art! Even when I find it at Pottery Barn!
I am planning what treasures I will be looking for when I go to Victoria, BC, in August.
Planning ahead makes life go smoother I think.
Your new home is beautiful.