lady loopy and her lily pad

Welcome to Loopy's room. High on the third floor, with it's own bathroom that needs a complete overhaul. Things to come. In the meantime, a peek of her little corner of the world... she chose the alarming pink paint shade herself but I must admit it grew on me when we put it all together. The two walls under the dormer we wallpapered in an embossed damask cover, base painted cream and then she herself lightly rolled the pattern in brown paint. She highlighted with a little aqua. I think we have some more work to do on it. It looks fabulous with the bedding from anthropologie, but it needs to be a little more... shabby. I want to pull some of it off the wall and make it look like someone wanted to be rid of it - maybe add some "stains" around the ceiling, and I was even thinking of decoupaging some French newspaper pieces (tea stained) where it gets ripped. Might as well have something interesting to look at while in bed.

I scored two giant tin ceiling pieces at one of my flea haunts in town. I'm debating to frame them over her bed or just fasten them to the wall... any thoughts?

I know, candy in a child's room is ridiculous, but it's too cheerful and cute, and I've been visiting too many Juicy Couture stores lately.

The chandalier was from the dent table here. What a glorious place. I paid thirty dollars for it and bought the cream spray paint on the same trip. Notice again my fascination with medallions. A repeat visit of the chocolate damask drapery used in the other rooms... along with aqua panels by Debbie Travis, cleared out at $14.99. That was a good day, now that I look back.

Here's our bright idea... I might need some advice. Do you see the big tree branch outside? Loopy and I want to make a branch on the inside of her room, to look like it burst through the pink wall near that chair. Big enough to drape it with white mini lights and sparkly crystal ornaments. A real tree trunk! I wonder if it can be done.

Her bedding is a mix of anthropologie markdowns and Winners markdowns. I love how it all goes together, even when the bed isn't made, it's lovely to look at!

I put new anthropologie handles on her dressers... and her precious framed mementos are up and out of harm's way. She won a baby beauty contest with that portrait. The roses are from when she was born.

When she's not at home, the bed is inhabited by Miami the bear, Emmy the American Girl, lovely lumplings Brownie and Point, and the anthropologie knit clown fish from Buddy.

The rest of the stuffies are residing in the "lily pad", a crawl space attached to Sidney's bedroom, just adjacent to her closet. Too deep to use as a cupboard, we have plans to fix it up "just right" over the summer, with new paint and carpet. Loopy and her menagerie of stuffed froggies can read and snooze in their own little hideaway.


MJ said...

Loopy will have sweet dreams in this sweet room! Good thing that the candies aren't sitting so sweet on my shelf as they'd be gone in a blink! Temptation too close!!

Frivolitea said...

Hi Saucy. The room looks great. What fun to decorate!

Susan said...

What an adorable room for a young girl. How wonderful that you let her have the pink that she wanted. =)

Mrs. Staggs said...

I love how the pain matches her guitar! I think everythings off to a wonderful start and can't wait to see that tree branch on the inside of the room. If anyone can figure out a way to make it will certainly be you!
The ceiling tiles would be great framed. How big are they? It would be really nice if they could be made into a headboard and footboard somehow. I love the idea of the French newspaper and the bedding is truly lovely...especially with the wallpaper.

MJ said...

I noticed the new header! Nice job altho I do miss the vibrant colours of the conversation hearts!

Anonymous said...

There is something so great about third floor bedrooms, and with its own bathroom! What a wonderful escape.

michelleb. said...

I just noticed that you did adopt a Lumpling. It's in the pic of Loopy's bed!

Was that a race to get your ordcer in?