gifts from house faeries

We've discovered some little trinkets while renovating the new house. I like to think they are little clues leading to a treasure or something. We now have three old keys, a fancy old hairpin, and two pennies which were placed - year side up - under the carpets in two of the bedrooms. I'm going to place 2007 coins under the new carpets next week.

I wrote a note on our stationary and placed it into a ziploc bag along with some photos, concert tickets (the Barenaked Ladies, last Saturday night) and other little bits. Before the subfloor got screwed down today I tucked it under the boards.

I think we will frame all of these artifacts when the renos are done - but then again I wonder - should I take them out? They were hidden very specifically - the fanciest little key was tucked above the door jamb. It would have never been found if we'd not replaced the door, so is it meant to be put back for someone to find it again after another ninety years? If I frame these things, then the frame should always stay with the house. What could I hide before we nail everything back together again?


MJ said...

The idea of framing the artifacts is a neat one, especially if you pass it along to the next owner. But what if the next owner(s?) don't appreciate the artifacts and either discard it or whatever with it? How do you feel about that scenario? Just some thoughts...

I do like the idea of putting new pennies down under the new carpet & putting some new stuff commemorating this new house ownership under the subfloors. It might also be neat to include a front page from the local newspaper or major national newspaper and/or the weather forecast! BRRR ~ it is cold out there!!

Angela said...

It might be kind of fun to put one of each of the items that you found (that you place in the frame) in the same place or a similar place, but this time use something updated. Just like what you are doing with the 2007 coins under the carpets. Place an updated fancy key above the door jam, one of your fancy hair pins or combs in the same spot that you found the 90 year old one.

Its kind of like a treasure hunt, each time the old ones are unearthed and displayed, new ones are put in its place for the next generation to continue the treasure hunt. And who knows, since it was probably originally put in place for "Good Luck", maybe it will continue to bring luck to your new home!


Q said...

Dear Saucy,
What grand house treasures you have found! I would frame them with little pieces of the old carpet and wood that you are replacing. Why the frame could be from an door frame.
I would give back to your House Fairies shiny, glittery things, baubles and charms. They like ribbon too.
Your house will be a safe haven for people and fairies!
Many Blessings,

Amy said...

This is just the coolest thing ever. I would die if I found these things in a house I owned. Considering the vintage of our current abode (1979) that is fairly unlikely to happen. We do continue to rip out the carpet despite the lack of treasure incentive. Can't wait to hear what you decide to do!

Mrs. Staggs said...

I love the idea of framing them and having them stay with the house, although I have to say I would have a hard time leaving that particular house. It's so wonderful and will be even more so when you've finished your renovatin' and decoratin'.
Love the wallpaper down below. Wow!
Thank you to you and "The Fan" for your kind thoughts. They've truly meant alot.

DivaDeb said...

Saucy! Where ARE you?
Too busy decorating and renovating to blog, no doubt.
I miss your insouciant saucy-ness....
please come back soon!

(WITH photos!)