by the numbers

22 days of renovations
5 wallpaper borders removed
2 home inspections
350 square feet of red brick tile removed
450 square feet of slate tile installed
1500 square feet of powder blue shag carpet removed
1140 square feet of new carpet installed
750 square feet of hardwood flooring installed
2 new staircases installed
1 fireplace replaced
3 dumpsters filled
2 broken light fixtures
2 ceiling fans removed
1 dumpster diver who took 2 light fixtures
2 ultra "low-efficiency" furnaces to be replaced
2 lemon pound cakes baked for bribing suppliers
25 sheets of drywall - the last in the city - delivered for bribe
1 wife wanting to remove a closet
1 disagreeing husband
1 closet removed
1 argument between carpenter and painters
2 painters caught smoking pot
2 painters fired
23 custom milled doors
1 carpenter going to Las Vegas for a week
5 doors hung
1 untouched kitchen
1 gutted bathroom
4 untouched bathrooms
0 doors on bathrooms
288 linear feet of crown molding
2 installers
1 scaffolding
2 light fixtures spray painted
16 gallons of paint
0 painters
2 leaks in the roof
4 pails of water
1 more home inspection
5 attic vents installed
1 moving date pushed back


kim said...

Oh my SAKES that is a lot of work! (And I know, as we are in the thick of it ourselves!) You guys are moving FAST though. Whew!!
BTW, we caught our drywallers smoking pot. So funny, actually. Except that our brand new house was sooooo stinky for a bit!! Can't wait to see pics of the new spruced up place.

MJ said...

Oof! I feel exhausted reading of all the renos. No wonder you haven't been blogging! I am quite relieved to get a little blogging "fix" today as I have wandered over here daily to check to see how you are! Glad to hear that you aren't trapped under drywall yet! Take care & blog soon!

DivaDeb said...

Dear girl, if this keeps up, you may need to look up those painters to get some 'happy cigs'! Kidding!

Hang in there, Sasha. You know they say the most creative people are the messiest ones - if that's any indication, then those brave souls like you who renovate will have a wonderfully creative, personal home.

Thanks for the update!

Listoria said...

Wow, you are doin' some work! That's fabulous that you're in your house.

Sorry I missed being tagged for questions, I kinda dropped out of the blogisphere for a month. Life got in the way...pesky thing!

Being an inhabitant (and renovator) of an old house, I can't wait to hear more stories about the house (esp. love that "blue shag carpet" - I had gold shag in my living room...
ick! :^P )


Q said...

Sounds as if the Worker Bees are moving along. Glad you are able to keep your sense of humour. Lemon Pound cake? I would work for that!
You will love your house.
I see tulips and daffodiles and birds, lots of birds!
Oh my, there is a butterfly!

Amy said...

Wow! What an undertaking this is. I'm amazed at how quickly it's all moving though. Have I mentioned how excited I am to see pics of what you've done?