peppers big day

Things have been very, very busy. The New Year came and went, we were all under the weather. Yesterday, we celebrated Pepper's milestone birthday. I promised her not to show specific photos (but not all photos, Pepper Dear) and here she is, getting her surprise! We pulled it off. It was an elaborate ruse.

I made Pepper a beautiful birthday tiara, decorated with rhinestones and tiny teacups and kittens, babies (she works in the nursery with the newborns, it's the perfect job for her) and tiny martini glasses and birthday cakes. We had Mexican food and her Uncle Scott mixed margaritas. I think she had a wonderful time and we all hope so, we want her to know how special she is to all of us!

The days ahead will be busy. You won't believe what The Fan crafted up for Christmas!


The Fan said...

Happy Birthday, to our Sargeant Pepper!! She is beautiful inside and out and deserved every special greeting that came her way on her Big Day!!!!Oh my! It's such a joy to see how all you girls have 'grown up'- each of you spreading your wings but at the same time folding each other into your hearts! I like the idea that you can say "We have been friends for 'insert how many years here'!!
And to think, Pepper was a model on all those billboards and in all those magazines - still lookin' good, sweetie!

Pepper said...

Thanks gals, I still can't believe I am "that" old! Anyhoo, it was a wonderful day and to be surrounded by my friends and family capped it all off in a special way.
I am a lucky, lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

This is my first visit to B-b-b-s-b-s.c.

I was shocked.

What is wrong with my wife? I have never had a Crabby-tini, even though she could often use one, we did not have a single Christmas tree this year, and "baking" to her means opening a bag of Lays instead of Old-Dutch (they're baked, not fried).

I really enjoyed reading your "Blog" even though I'm not sure what "Blogging" is. You should put it on the "Internet" - I'm sure it would be a hit.

Happy New Year and congrats on your new house,
Timothy J. Magus
(Shelley's Husband)