if fisher price listed real estate

We spent the weekend packing up Sidney's old Fisher Price dollhouse. I got it for her when she was just a toddler, to lessen the interest in my own little house. We played with it for hours. She has decided to pass it along to her little cousin, Moira. Sidney spent all Saturday afternoon with a jar of Lysol wipes, preparing to send it home with Aunt Kelly when she visits in February.

On Saturday night, Sid and I had "one last play" with the house. It was fun. Actually, we decided to call it our "Glory Days" event. We went to the annual BRIT Cheerleading Competition, back in the day when I coached cheerleading, Sidney was about three years old. I'd made her a little team outfit, she was their special mascot that they hopped around in celebration when they won trophies. Oh, and they won trophies! Seeing all of the cheerleaders on Saturday morning made us nostalgic. So, we set up a picnic in the den, brought out all of the dollhouse parts, watched old videos of the cheerleading teams, ate pizza, teddy graham crackers and ice cream, and talked about our glory days. Is it sad to have glory days when you're only eleven? I don't think so. Someday, the glory days event may become Loopy's glory days...

But it got me to thinking again about dollhouse real estate. If a tiny plastic realtor listed this property, how would they describe it to potential owners? It would go something like this:

AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE POSSESSION: Two-and-a-half story colonial in immaculate condition. Ample square footage, two bedroom, two half baths, relocatable to any zip code. Sunny front porch, excellent location.

Located in a family-friendly neighbourhood, this home has plenty of room for all sorts of plastic children and pets. Close to schools and dirty socks.

The lot features ample parking and a side garden.

The second floor boasts a spacious mother-in-law suite with a two-piece washroom.

The upgraded kitchen features built-in appliances, luxurious wall covering and a plate rail. There is plenty of room for a four-piece dinette set and two highchairs (included). Babies also included (five of them).

A beautiful winding staircase leads to the bedroom, bathroom and loft from the spacious living room. Flooring is fashionable faux-wood grain in the popular decorating shade "pepto pink".

The yard features a pool with built-in barbeque, eating area and slide. Lots of room for children's toys and outdoor furniture.

This property also includes a stable and pony.

A homeowners dream. Pride of ownership evident by many upgrades (extra stickers). Don't let this beauty pass you by!


Kelly & Moira said...

What a wonderful surprise! Moira is sitting on my lap & I asked her if she wanted to see what Aunty Sasha was crafting today and it's about her! I know I've ruined the surprise but she is so happy! She doesn't have a dollhouse yet so it's really great that her first one will be from her cousin Sidney. Tell Sid her horse will be in great company we have a larger stable for it as well & many new horse friends for it to meet. If it has a name please include it, we've run out. Moira's pretty geeked about having a Grammy dolly as well. Great idea with the listing of the house. Sooo TRUE!!! You've made our day!!! Thank-you!!! Love Kelly & Moira xoxo

MJ said...

What a bittersweet blog! This house somewhat reminds me of what K & N play with currently (altho I've taken away all the little people as choking hazards because they keep getting stepped on & break into pieces)! I doubt I'll never part with the neighborhood either because it will soon get the "Old House in Paris", the Eiffel Tower & a Paris playmat from the LaPetite Madeline collection! Paris meets Fisher Price! I'm sure Moira will have fun with this set!

Saucy said...

Tell Missy Moira that the pony comes with Aunt Gina and Crandall too! Sidney said his name is Cap. Those were the only three letters she knew after she learned how to spell "Sid" so that is what she named her pony when she drew him! xoxoxo

Listoria said...

How adorable! My niece (she'll be 12 in 2 months) had those wonderful little fisher price dollhouse set ups and you know, there was nothing more relaxing than sitting down with her when she was 3 to play dollhouse (or Legos with her brother). It was just so much fun!

Ah, the memories...



Mrs. Staggs said...

How sweet of Loopy to pass this lovely treasure on to Moira...it'll bring happy memories to both of them and double the joy!

Amy said...

What a sweet little dollhouse and set. And so generous of your daughter. They grow up sooooooooo fast!