the fan was busy before christmas

Just take a look at what my Mom, "The Fan" was up to for Christmas. She really went all-out Martha on me this year. This Santa figure is popped under a bell glass that she landscaped with faux snow (the sparkly stuff you mix with water) and real holly branches. Even now, two weeks later, the holly is fresh and soft. It's like a little microclimate under there.

Then The Fan went through the family archives and found all the bits snips of my childhood... my baby shoe, Topo Gigo, small photos, buttons, my Avon holiday pins, baby bracelet, toys, vintage brooches... and scrapbooked them into two vintage jars she found at the antique mart. How cute are they?

And for my miniature collection, to go in my little house, she brought me this!

In fact, I'd admired these at our local miniature supply store back in the spring. The ironing board was my inspiration for the Club Little House swap. Now I can call this beautiful set my very own.


Listoria said...

That is one wonderful mama you've got there! I love the sewing mini's she got you! I'm working on some mini's for the dollhouse that I made for my friend for christmas (her b-day is Thursday) and this is such inspiration!


Mrs. Staggs said...

My goodness what wonderful treasures! I really like the memory jars...what a great idea for all the little bits and pieces of childhood that accumulate! Now I'm wishing I had kept even more of my son's little tiny things. Those little sewing room things are charming. I remember you ironing board. It was my favorite of all the Club Little House things that I saw.

Anonymous said...

How's your house coming along

NancyBradshaw said...

I seriously idolize you and your mother. I have no idea how to be the perfect lady. I just try my hardest not to be to brash and many. I'm a girl that grew up the tomboy. I live with my father and his wife who i've come to see as a mother figure, but she can't really do any of the amazing things that i've seen in the last hour as I've perused your blog. One day I hope to be a great mother/ wife as you are.