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I can't find conversation hearts this year. At least, I can't find the good Necco ones. I don't like the new-fangled ones that have digital dot-matrix style printing on them, I like the old letterpress printing pictured here. I want to Valentine up my glass jars. Maybe I'll find some of the old fashioned type when I'm in Florida next week. It wouldn't be Valentine's Day without conversation hearts.


Q said...

Hi Saucy,
I think you can get the "right" conversation hearts from The Vermont Country Store. They have a web site and surely customs would not eat all of them!
In my three jars I am putting dried lavender, rose petals and rosemary.
Red hots are also pretty mixed in with the hearts. I do like chocolate hearts wrapped in red foil too, although husband eats them.
Sweet bird songs,

Mrs. Staggs said...

Part of the charm of such things like these candy hearts is that they've always been so and bring back wonderful memories...of school parties, valentine boxes, cupcakes and punch. Oh and party napkins. We always had pretty napkins at our school Valentine's Day parties. Someone sent me to the Vermont Country Store for candy during Christmas. They have all sorts of wonderful old fashioned things!

DivaDeb said...

Saucy, dear, I found some today at the Dollar Tree store near me. So, if you have that chain in your area, check them out. (They are online too but not sure about ordering that way...) I paid just a buckabag, fab for filling up candyjars. I also found some CUUUUUUUUUTE pink & white layered marshmallow hearts.

I truly don't know the legalities of shipping them across the border - if it's legal, send me your address and I'll get some bags off to you!


MJ said...

Hi! I just was about to take our Conversation Hearts upstairs when I noticed that they were made by Necco! Try Walmart! That's where I bought ours... :)