where am I?

My friends, I am in heaven. We arrived in Phoenix on Friday and booked in at the Sheraton Wild Horse Resort and Spa. The property is amazing. The pool is heated and so warm. After being in Chicago for a week, it truly is heaven. Hot tubs, good restaurants in Phoenix, shopping (oh Target, why do you tease me so?) and today, an Arizona Cardinals NFL Football game. Quite an experience, I must say! Tomorrow, I am going to the spa first thing in the morning for a hot rock massage and a little pampering. Then a little more shopping and this trip will draw to a close. I miss the children, my mother and must get the rest of the Christmas preparations done! But I won't think about any of it until I'm on the plane ride home and I can make my to-do lists. How are you all doing with your lists and preparations?


Pepper said...

Well, that looks like a little piece of heaven especially from my snowy perspective!

Lucky girl!

Kelly Hicks said...

Wow!!!! How wonderful! I guess I should've had Ben try & sneak a flight in for me when yours got switched. We had a great getaway with you both again this year. Thank-you so much for everything! Can't wait till you're back & can fill me in on the rest of your shopping. Love Kelly