what a difference a day made

This time yesterday, we were homeless. The sale of our house was final, and the deal on the nice Tudor house we were looking at fell through while we were on holiday. Firmly believing that these things happen for a reason, I went house hunting and lookie what I found!

This home was built in 1912 a block away from the river. Don't mind the drab exterior, it is a "diamond in the rough" and seems to be in excellent condition. The kitchen is brand new. The only work to be done is cosmetic, and I plan to dig out my specially saved issues of Victoria magazine. Ben fell in love with it before I did. The hardwood floors squeak oh so gently. The windows are original but not too drafty. In my future craft room, which is shabby-chic by nature, not by design, the windows have original inside shutters that open like arms and have sweet floral curtains sewn inside.... ooooh pinch me I must be dreaming. There is no garage, but there is a pool in the backyard. There is a newer furnace but no air conditioning. There is a closed front porch but no central vac... we must be crazy. We are in love with a house.

I mixed up the reindeer food for my kiddie friends. If you sprinkle it liberally on your front lawn on Christmas Eve, Santa's chauffeurs will spot it miles off and swing by for a treat:

I also managed to decorate the tree by the back door. It's covered with ornaments that remind me of our wedding. We had a bubble machine, goldfish in bowls for centrepieces, pink flamingos marking the way to the reception...

... and how about those doughnuts and diamond rings? Champagne, martinis, little shoes, purses, dragonflies, and more. Before next Christmas, I want to make little wedding cakes.

And some more holiday decorating: forgive me if this is just too too Pottery Barn, how I love the Pottery Barn even though every fibre of my being tells me it's too mass produced and lacking character, I drool when I visit. I go home and do the same thing that I see on display. With the things I bought there. Such a sucker.

That's quite a day! Tomorrow promises to be more of the same. I'll unveil my cowboy Christmas tree here on the blog. I will decorate the tree in the master bedroom and hopefully blog that, too. See you then.


kim said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the home!! What a great find!! Can't wait to see more pictures after you sauce it up. :)

And your tree is darling! What a fab idea to use wedding memories for decor. Love it!

June said...

Your new house will be fun for you--congratulations. I love everything you're doing Christmas wise. I also make magic reindeer food every year but I absolutely do not include the glitter as birds will die from eating it--and they WILL eat it.

Rosa said...

OMG! That house is amazing! Wow. You won't have any probs figuring out what to do with it, I'm sure. You're gonna have so much fun! Congrats!!

Jill said...

Holy Moly! I love these ginger jars! Spectacular! Tell me please... what is in the bottom... faux snow??? mica??
Absolutely lovely!