unusually amazing day

So much went well today. Our new home passed its inspection, it was touch and go there for a while, there appeared to be quite some moisture in the walls. No worries though and now I can get busy taking eight minutes picking out the colours and changing my mind 37 times before February 1st, the posession date and also the date that the carpets are being ripped out and the painters are booked, also the day I go with my original colours picked in the first eight minutes. That's how I roll.

Speaking of, does anyone have any cute ideas for exterior paint colours? I have no idea. As you can see, the house is now a drab gray. The roof will remain black and the windows will remain white, and I am supposing from the fine inspection of the eavestroughs, they will remain gray aluminum. Any ideas? I think the shutters as they are now just have to go. I would like to see black shutters but then what of the main colour? And what of those steps? I will tile them with rough slate, we have that on our current house and I do enjoy it. Must add rock... but where? I have six or seven months to decide, that's how long before it will be warm enough up here to paint the exterior. I will take all suggestions given

Other good news for today: we booked a family trip to Walt Disney World (and of course I will be going here), both Grandmas are joining us - it is our Christmas gift to them. If they can stand the lot of us for a week. January looks like the perfect time to go there, not too hot and not too busy. Today, I feel like Goldilocks - juuuust right

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Rosa said...

Depending on the type of house, taupe is normally a pretty color with white trim, black shutters, hmmm, don't know about the door. (I always have to have a red door.)