shopped out and rested up

Oh my friends, as nice and wonderful as it is to go away for two weeks in December, it really isn't a good idea if you like being ready for Christmas on time. I have so much to do. I can justify the time away because we really did enjoy seeing family (Kelly and Rick) and so many of our friends. The shopping in Chicago, as usual, was amazing. The spa in Arizona was one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. The ladies were treated to soothing hot stone massages, the likes of which I've never experienced before but it was wonderful. Just have a look at the Christmas tree where we stayed... cactus in pots. Those cagey Arizonans.
Our entire group went to the Phoenix Cardinals v. Seattle Seahawks game on Sunday. It was an exciting game to be at and we had great seats about five rows back on the forty yard line. The new stadium in Phoenix is state-of-the art. The architecture is supposed to resemble a barrel cactus... do you think?

And then - when we got home! There was a parcel waiting for me from my What's Cookin' apron swap partner, Amy. Clara just had to try it on right away. She also included two laminated recipe cards, and treats including hot chocolate packets and Ghiradelli chocolates... she is my kind of gal! I love the apron. If you look closely you will see the sweet detail she added of an applique holly and button berries. Too cute for words! Thank you Amy! What a nice treat to come home to!

Back to reality after all the sightseeing, shopping and spa-ing. I still have to:
finish the Christmas tree(s)
decorate the house
send parcels to our family in Ontario,Alberta and Prince Edward Island
wrap the gifts I got in Chicago
take my Dad his birthday gift - Happy Birthday Daddy!
watch The Office
find a new house before February
blog, blog, blog all of the things I want to show you!
That's quite a list. Do you think I could post twice a day for the next while, just to make it up to you for going away for so long?

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Listoria said...

Sounds like you had a blast!

Love that apron - so very cute and so Christmasy! Bet it looks stunning on.

Good luck with your list of things to do - I think we're all feeling the crunch now...10 days and counting!