one more tree and a brush with fame

Just a quick one tonight. Everybody is rushed, almost too rushed these last few days of the countown and I shouldn't make a long post that takes too much time to read!

Here is my mercury-glass tree. I've collected the ornaments for a few years as I've admired them so much. My collection pales in comparison to our friends' tree... they have collected over 1500 ornaments over the years and this year they were featured in a Better Homes and Gardens special interest publication. Can you imagine? I love that. Very celebrity. Someday I plan to get a real tree for this collection of ornaments, when I have enough to warrant. This poor old tree is an orphan from my days of mall decorating, his stand was long gone and the maintenance manager was about to trash him but I did the rescue and my Dad fashioned a new, much-sturdier-than-ever-before stand.

I've swagged garland down the staircase, put a few decorations in the powder room, picked up Ben's gift, and tomorrow the baking: can I tell you a secret? I'm picking it up at the bakery. Plus some undecorated gingerbread men and two pounds of frosting... tomorrow night is Sidney's Christmas celebration sleepover with her best friend Macy, so they can decorate cookies to their heart's content...


Rosa said...

OOooh, it looks so pretty!! I love those old glass ornaments. My hub broke most of mine by not storin them correctly last year, grrrrrr. Keep them safe from all males, I tell you! Thanks for stopping by. Come on back! (I absolutely adore those names, Macy and Sidney! Too sweet!!)

Mrs. Staggs said...

Well, I have lots of family near and far that are reading my blog during the holidays and I'm trying to make them nice for them. They will probably be too long for everyone else, but the older people are enjoying them, so I'll try to keep it up.
Congrats on the house. One hurdle jumped! This tree is really pretty too.