let's be honest...

How many bloggers out there know that their husbands visit their blogs regularly? I was wondering about that the other day. Say for instance, if you wanted your husband to get you something specific for Christmas, so you made a blog-suggestion knowing that he was in fact a lurker who never left comments, he would know exactly what to get you! How tricky that would be. I suppose for that reason alone, a woman should practically keep a blog.

I'm so confident that Ben doesn't frequent my blog that I'm going to tell you all what I got him for his Christmas
gift. I'd like to take complete credit for it but it was my brother's idea. I'm taking it to a custom decal shop tomorrow to get the Green Bay Packers logo put on it. Men love tools, can you imagine how excited they would get if tools were plastered with NFL logos or baseball statistics?

These photos are for
Mo. She was wondering aloud on her blog about her blogging insecurities regarding what a mess she makes when she crafts. I imagine she's not alone. All beautiful outcomes derive from some sort of creative mess - you should see my Dad's studio! Out of the deepest darkest depths of the cluttered ugly basement emerges some of the most beautiful printmaking, painting and jewelry!

There are funny reasons to not blog I think. Sometimes I don't have the right photo of what I want to post or I haven't posted the right thank-you for something or maybe acknowledged someone in person just yet for something, so I worry that it would be rude for them to see it on the blog first rather than hear it from me in person. I suppose that's silly - blogs are a wonderful way to keep in touch with everyone, they can pop in at their leisure to see what you've been up to. That's what the world has come to. Some days are just too busy to even pick up the phone and call someone to check in, I can barely find time to go to the bathroom. But the blog waits for everyone. If I am sleepless at 3 am, I can hit the blog to see what I've missed during the day and make a post myself. I love to visit my blogging friends just when I have a second, and I try to comment if I can, even if it's just a sentence to let them know someone is out there reading. It's a little depressing to not have comments, isn't it? I especially try to leave comments for new bloggers because I know how excited I was when I first started to get a comment, even from my Mom.
About the photos (before I rambled, forgive me) - I fancied up 16 plain glass balls with some glitter in a peacock-inspired pattern. Mo please note: newspaper, spilled glitter, chipped drinking glass used to wash brush, old measuring spoon recycled as a glitter sprinkling tool, blue plastic bin that holds ziploc bags full of glitter...
And here is a minor photo of the finished tree, literally pieced together from junk over the past few years. It started with acquiring a mess of glass balls in strange, hideous colours that nobody wanted. In March, so far after Christmas that the Easter stuff is out and the Valentine's stuff is being cleared out, too. We are talking 90% off or some ridiculous thing like that so The Fan and I scooped out the dark velvet green, teal, brown, rust and turquoise ones for a grand total of ten dollars. I think they were about a nickel each so that tells you how many I ended up with. At first the plan was to glitter them completely over to be better, more traditional colours, but a long while after that I found myself in the clearance section of the florist supply where they had a massive bag of peacock feathers for six dollars.
The running total being still under twenty dollars, I was now keeping my eyes out and so it began. Last year I saw the peacock ornaments at the grocery store before the holidays and made a mental note to check after Boxing Day, and sure enough, I snagged two full boxes for just a few dollars again, so I checked around and found a few more.

Tell me: is the tree topper ridiculous or just plain hideous? I need some feedback. The curly peacock feathers were a splurge at three dollars each (I bought two) but the masquerade-style mask is from the Dollar Store. I'm torn between thinking it is genius or just plain freaky, like giant empty eyes on the top of the tree - and in the bedroom, at that. What kind of horrible dreams will I have about that tree coming to life in the night??

Plus, all kidding aside, I was horrified when I stepped back from the tree when I was done. I ran out of green lights halfway up so I got another two strings from the drugstore. When I plugged them in I noticed that they were a little lighter green than the first two sets, but figured nobody but me would notice and I sure was in a rush to get that tree done. When you see it from about three feet back, it's painfully obvious and it looks really dark and green on the bottom but light and almost aqua at the top. If any of you know me at all, it was all I could do not to rip everything off and start over, intertwining the lights carefully. Meh. Not this year.
I went thrifting today as we had five minutes before Buddy's dermatologist appointment... lucky for me the best antique store in town (the one Clara came from) is right next door. I found scads of these little cardboard houses... I'm wondering if they are the ones that Amy refurbishes? Are these a good find? They were still a little pricey at ten dollars each. I think I'll put them out of my mind, but if anyone else is interested, drop me a line and I'll tell you where they are at.


kim said...

Love, love, love those glittery ornaments!! SOOOOOO cool!!

Cerys Clevercrow said...

Those ornaments are just lovely!

Amy said...

Hello, my friend. Those houses are like the ones I use...but I try to get ones that are quite banged up, very much in need of renovation, and much cheaper. :)

Listoria said...

I. Love. That. Tree!

It's not freaky or creepy at all! It's very Mardi Gras.

You have inspired me for a possible (small) theme tree for next year, as I have the perfect lights for it. Last year at a discount store I found motion rice lights (they're teeny tiny and have 7 different speeds from super slow blink to rapid and they were $2), they had a strand called Mardi Gras (in purple, green and gold). Perfect Perfect!


Megan D. Crow said...

I just picked up some of these little houses too at my local antique mall. They informed me they are "Mica" houses - I found some similar ones on Ebay, but haven't found much info yet. So let me know if you find any! I did pay about $5-7 each for them.

DivaDeb said...

Saucy, dear, I think you have created a most artistic 'ombre' effect with your lighting scheme! Dark on the bottom, fading to lighter on the top...like a sunset, only green.It's not a mistake if you pretend it was intentional!!!!

And the peackock theme - it is just gorgeous. You have such flair for the dramatic!!!! I did a tree about four years ago at Chateau Ste, Michelle Winery in this theme, since there are wild peacoks that live on the grounds. We even used some of their shed feathers!!! People loved the look and the idea that it represented the surroundings.

Mrs. Staggs said...

You are so creative! This tree must have taken hours and hours to put together. Especially glittering up those balls like that. I sometimes think about giving up crafting on a large scale because I mess up my whole house when I craft! We are still finding glitter in places from those cookie boxes that I made. It takes up a lot of room to store things and we have a small house. I sometimes wonder if it's fair to my husband and son but then I think about how much happier I am when I'm making things. I think they like it when I'm happy. Most of us are messy when we craft, but part of the fun of blogging, and especially for those of us who love our magazines is making the photos look pretty. So we just show the unmessy parts.
I've actually asked my husband not to read my blog so that I'm not feeling self-consious about it on a daily basis. When I first started to write it, I was mostly writing it for a few close lady friends that I rarely get to see now, and I tried to password protect it, but that didn't work out well. I didn't even open the comments for a while and it was slow to catch on with people who don't know me. I think a lot of people thought Merryville was a bit strange and many still do.I still feel butterflies knowing that other people actually read it! I love getting comments now and have met some very nice people (like you)through it, but I still feel uncomfortable every time I post. The other hard part is like Mo says, trying to find time to craft, post and comment back to the nice people to take time to make nice place for us to visit and to those who leave a kind thought. I live with "blogger's guilt" all the time. I can't comment back as much as I like and lately I've been thinking of giving up my site because I feel so bad about that.
Those houses are lovely, but a bit over priced for our area. Usually that size is around 4$-6$ here. The next size up is usally closer to $10.
Jeepers, this comment is a post! Hope that's ok!

The Fan said...

Hi!Don't forget...that's in Cdn dollars so think about Yankee sawbucks and figure how overpriced those little houses are!!!That would be almost $14 each in REAL American money!!!yikes!
Oh, People: you have to know about 'My Saucy'...she is quick, crafty and the biggest cheapskate you will ever meet! We walk miles to find our 'deals'!! Right now, I have the most gorgeous tree - I hope she will photograph it - and then I can rave about shopping with her on the hottest day in the summer, a sidewalk sale, a giant cardboard box of ornaments hidden under a table - there we were, in the blazing heat - counting out about 200 ornaments for 5 cents each! And guess what? They were originally marked ...are you ready for it... at $18.99 each!!! That's Cdn, People!!! We giggled all the way home - we could hardly wait for snow!!!

The Fan said...

I think 'The Fan'has a red face! I should not have said that the Most Wonderful Daughter in the Whole World was a 'cheapskate' because she is 'so not'! She has the biggest heart and is one of the most generous people you will ever meet! I should have said - thrifty, penny consious, parsimonius,frugal!!!!
Now, I concur with all of you who are wondering how the posts come off when read by others. hmmm

Rosa said...

(wiping drool from face) Those are amazing! I have never seen so many in one spot. Lucky you!!