all crafting, all the time

As promised, here is the main tree this year: the cowboy tree! Decorated with so many little things I've made over the years. For details, visit my flickr account - the badge is in my sidebar. My Dad made the barb wire star for the tree topper - on his birthday this past week!
Also, I finished wrapping up the gifts to be shipped off to the family in Windsor, Ontario. Sidney and I did the last of the bow-tying and tagging last night while we watched Saturday Night Live.
Still more to do! The master bedroom tree... I decided to glitter some of the glass balls with a peacock pattern to match the feathers and other ornaments. Hopefully finished off tonight. Hopefully some baking today also. If men were in charge of Christmas, there wouldn't be Christmas! It's a football day around this house.


Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh my goodness! I don't know where to start commenting!
The house looks like a dream house. So romantic looking. I love it and will keep my fingers crossed that all will work out.
Your trees are really magnificent! I like both of them very much. You should be on one of those Christmas house tours!
Clever wrappings...all of them. Now my dear, could you please pass me some of that energy you've found?

~Q~ said...

Cowboy tree turned out so charming!
Fun tree!
Will Christmas dinner be served off of tin plates?
Happy Yuletide to you and yours.

Pepper said...

Man, the things you can do in a few days.....Do you ever sleep????

Emy said...

What a cute tree! I love the themed gift wrap too!
You were right about your branch project being the same one. I love the tinsel on yours! I'm just going to do glitter though, because its all I have. It sucks when the nearest Target and Michaels are thousands of miles away. :D