so much to be thankful for

Two of our friends have had new baby girls! The air smells like baby powder and the world seems all pink and happy. Last night Shawn and Andrea brought their new baby, Cadence, over to meet us. It was her first outing as she and her mommy just got out of hospital the day before. She visited her grandma and then came to see us. She was so sweet and cute! Buddy held her for a very long time, he just stared and stared at her... it was cute to see a big teenage boy melting over a tiny thing like that! He was just amazed, and I suppose it was the first baby he'd ever held, besides his sister. It went very well until she spit up on him a tiny bit! At less than a week old, she opened her eyes for a minute and smiled (a little gas smile, but a smile anyway) and he was thrilled.

I put together the gifts for both new babies that we know. I wrapped up a little Beatrix Potter cozy knit outfit along with a copy of the Swirlybirds for each baby. I put a Pluffie Ty duck into each parcel and nipped Amy's idea of wrapping the whole thing with tulle. It really did look soft and sweet.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American blogging friends. Enjoy the day visiting your family, watching football and eating all of those sweet potatoes! Our Thanksgiving was weeks ago... this time of year means Christmas is on the way so I'm working away on new ornaments for my theme trees. Hopefully I'll have some things to share with you soon. How will you spend Thanksgiving?


Q said...

Thank you for your Thanksgiving wishes. I shall be at home with my Husband. Our son is traveling in to spend the day with us. I hope to chase butterflies and make a few Wren bird houses out of gourds.
I enjoy your blog and am ever so grateful I found you.

crazycatladymel said...

I don't know why this just came to me, but I will have to find and watch "Miracle on 34th Street" (the orignal) since it starts on Thanksgiving.

Welcome to the world, new little girls!

jenny holiday said...

Hey Saucy!! : )
Thanks for the Happy Thanksgiving wishes!! We had a great day!! I hope to be able to sit down and catch up with all my favorite bloggeroos later today!!

Hope you are great!!

xoxo Jenny
Happy Holidays!!