Buddy and I were the victims of a little fender bender today. I was dropping him off at school after lunch and we were rear-ended while sitting in the unloading zone. He was getting out to write an exam. We are fine, but we were a little flustered as we were hit quite hard - and after a few moments of shock, we realized that our air bags hadn't even gone off... they should have, right? He still went inside to write his exam.

We had a little birthday cake party for my mother "The Fan". I made a chocolate brownie cheesecake. If you ever need to make a special cheesecake, make a recipe of your favourite brownies in a springform pan. Bake it about two-thirds ready and top with the cheesecake mixture, return to oven and bake as you would a normal cheesecake... get it? If you want me to make a better explanation or post the actual recipe, let me know. Have a nice weekend.


The Fan said...

Oh Sasha Baby: What a day you had and a bumper owie as well! But no one was hurt and that's the important thing. And WOW!!! What a cake - a smashing party - the best part was the serenade from Buddy and he whispered "Grandma. I didn't get you a gift but just my love"...does it get any better? I'm a Happy Grandma!

kim (OliveJuice) said...

oh no!! So glad you are both okay. Must have shaken you up horribly.

Q said...

Oh Saucy!
Oh dear. I am glad you and yours are okay. Car can be fixed. Still, it is upsetting.
Blessings to you both.

Mrs. Staggs said...

I am glad to hear that no one was injured, but it must have been a little upsetting. I hope your weekend has gone better.
I'm happy to hear that your mom had such a happy birthday.
Take care Sasha.

Tiffany said...

Wow, good thing no one was hurt! Was it a parent or a kid that bumped you? Kids on the road scare me as much as old people! I'm dreading the day when my nephew starts driver's ed, which is next year 8^0 - I see how much he pays attention now in everyday life...him behind the wheel - yikes!

oh yummy sounding cheesecake, too! Mmmmmmmmmm!