my little brush with fame

Even though October has been and gone, I did want to share this little delight with you: My friend Mo Jackson used my little face that she lifted from one of the layouts I created using her delightful doo dads. This is the title page of her members-only website that she changes seasonally.

When I opened the site (as I do almost daily) over a month ago and saw my smiling mug plopped onto the body of that oh-so-vintage halloween witch card, I was so thrilled I could barely let out my squeals of delight! I felt very celebrity, almost Nicole Kidmanesque, although not nearly as famous or glamourous, but surely I secretly relished in the attention. And this way, I never had to be married to Tom Cruise or hang out with Russell Crowe.

Referring to my last post, the other honored guest on Mo's page this month was her BFF and dear cousin Jo, Queen of the Airstream trailer and plastic flamingos, my Loopy's hero. I've never worn a tube top, but Loopy has marked Jo's National Tube Top Day in next year's day planner, so I have almost twelve months to find a couple of nice matching ones for us to wear, preferably with sequins I have been informed.

I wanted to share this little excitement in my life before Mo changes it for Christmas, which should be any day now, and it will be spectacular I'm sure. My fifteen minutes are almost up!


Mrs. Staggs said...

Whoo Hoo! Look at you! That must've been a really fun surprise for you. I unfortunately seem to have lost my citzenship to Moland. I tried to visit her site the other day, but wasn't able to. With all that's gone on during these last few months I was unable to visit, so I guess I'm not "allowed" back in. Oh well. The last time I tried to buy something the paypal link thingy didn't work properly either. That happened a few times over time. I'd try to buy something, but the link didn't work. I think the message I received those times was that it was a server problem. Anyhow, I love Mo's Doo Dads, but it's awfully hard sometimes to follow all her rules...through no fault of my own.
I bet this layout just made your day!

Saucy said...

Mrs. Staggs, Mo has had so many little problems with her server over the last few months. Seems some squirrels got into the doodad den and created havoc. She is mighty accommodating however, and very responsive to good Moland citizens and getting them set back up properly. Sometimes you have to email her or her man crazy cousin Jo. Email me if you want their contact info. xoxoxo