mother knows best

Happy Birthday to my Mom and the very best friend a gal could have! In honour of this occasion, I have written (as I do just for her) a special haiku:

Oh how I tease you so much
a mother so good
come for cake and saucy-tini!

I couldn't have asked for a better mother. And get this: when I jazzed up this photo, her face needed not one bit of retouching! Please Lord, let it be in the genes.

As she is right about almost everything, my house did look bare in the photos, devoid of all personality... I should perhaps not have put away all of my junque, but that is what you do to sell a house I suppose. Have a great day... Happy Birthday Mommy!


Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday to your mother!!

I have to agree that all the best people were born on November 16th (and I should know - being an 11/16th-er myself!)



Mrs. Staggs said...

Happy birtday to "The Fan"!
May all your days be happy ones and all your wishes come true.
You are both beautiful women.
Inside and out.

Tammy said...

I'm here from Mrs. Staggs to wish your dear Mother a very Happy Birthday!!

clarice said...

Happy birthday mom. I hope it is full of love and chocolate cake. Clarice

smilnsigh said...

I also was invited over here, by Mrs. Staggs. Happy Birthday, although a bit late.


The Fan said...

I sent a thank you message earlier in the day - but it seems to have been lost in the netherlands of the blogosphere! So, here's a second thank you - and it seems only appropriate to thank you twice as the birthday wishes were so wonderful! Hey, 64 is going gangbusters so far!!And the brownie cheesecake will send me off to dreamland - I think I'll drift off thinking about good family, good friends...ah, it doesn't get any better than this!