isn't she lovely?

Kelly sent me a sweet photo of the delightful Miss Moira, wearing her birthday bon-bonnet that I ordered from Amy. It was wrapped beautifully and do you see how darling it is? I can't believe it has been a whole year since we laid eyes upon her at her Aunt Terri's wedding.

Today I accomplished so much. I set up the cowboy/western themed Christmas tree in the great room. I set up a tree at the top of the hallway and the garland down the staircase and wrapped it all in hundreds of red lights.

Then, even though some may say I have too many of these, I went shopping for another. Upon inspection, the lining from the black pea coat was all shredded apart. Too bad, because it gave me about six years of wear but it was time to move on. Since we are leaving for Chicago and Phoenix for the next two weeks, I realized I have a huge packing dilemma. Obviously the only way to remedy such a dilemma before going on what is basically a shopping trip is to go shopping. I needed a lighter weight but still warm winter coat, not too sporty and still nice enough to wear out at night if we go to a nice restaurant. It had to be enough of a coat to keep me warm while walking around Chicago in the daytime, stylish for the evening and not too much of a coat if it got chilly in the evening in Phoenix. Well my friends, I found the perfect coat. It is a medium-length checked wool sort of number with a retro-style collar and big leather buttons. My brother, who gamely went on this hunt with me, announced it very "Mary Tyler Moore" so of course, I twirled around, threw my hat in the air and said "I'll take it!". It required new boots and a bag too but only because my other standbys were terribly worn out, so I can certainly justfiy.... or try!

Tomorrow I have to pack for all possible weather conditions but still leave plenty of room for purchasing Christmas gifts, fill the house with groceries for my mother "the Fan" who is kind enough to stay here with the kids while we are gone, do a zillion errands, sent Christmas parcels in case it's too late when we get home, finish laundry, and so on... wish me luck! I'm very excited about this trip but I don't think being away for twelve days at this busy time of year is very wise at all... what about the baking?


The Fan said...

Oh, Moira just looks amazingly lovely in her new bonnet (Amy deserves kudos for the hat - but those dimples and eyes just take the cake!) Happy Birthday Moira, I hope you had a Fun Day! And thank you Amy - good stitchin'!

Q said...

What a darling Miss and her hat is grand!
I am a hat person. Hope Miss Moira will be sure and save all of her hats so when she grows up she can do a Hat Christmas tree.
Oh Saucy, one can never have too many coats. Plus boots are a must in Chicago! All that snow means slush.
Have lots of fun and happy-holly days.
I thought of you when I began going through all my leftover cards from Christmases past. I have a few vintage cowboy cards I sent out a few years ago. I would love to send them to you for your use. If there is some way you could e-mail me with your addy I will pack these darlings up and get them to you.
I went to New York City after Thanksgiving years ago with my daughter and husband. We shopped for colleges and christmas gifts. Ended up with hats!
Hope to see photos of the Country/Western tree.

Mrs. Staggs said...

What a beautiful little girl!
I remember seeing those hats. Sooo cute!
Have a happy and safe trip!