howdy bloggeroos!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I was busy crafting away... getting ready for this years' Christmas theme... Country'n Western! This will just be as cute as a basket of puppies.
I decided to make this theme tree again... I did it about six years ago for the Festival of Trees. As usual, I made too many ornaments for the tree that year, so I still have some to use at home. I'll show you those another day. In the meantime, I made these little signs for my cowboy tree. They were very simple, I used scrap lumber from my Dad's workshop... the bullet holes are drilled in! The snow is really dripped hot glue, hardened and painted with white paint and rolled in glitter...
I like it that the signs say things about our friends and family. Can you guess what the jokes might mean?
Buddy helped me with the drillin' and blow torchin'. Miss Loopy assisted with the paintin' and the glitterin'. These'll fancy up our dang tree no problem!
I hope to dig out the rest of the ornaments and get them touched up a bit before I set up the tree. I found fake barb wire at WalMart after Halloween so I'll wrap it around the tree also.
I think my family might be getting a little tired of the theme trees. Does anyone else decorate a theme tree? I enjoy it waaaay too much. It's a year-round illness for me, planning the theme for the Christmas trees... with gift wrapping to match!


Q said...

Country Western tree sounds charming! Love the "signs"! Will you fill cowboy boots with yummy treats? I have a vision of Cowgirl hats and big steaming mugs of hot co-co, sitting around the fire and telling stories of "down on the range".
I do lots and lots of themed trees. I promised my husband I would stop at 100.

Anonymous said...

LOOOOOOVE the ornaments Saucy!!!! They are such a hoot, especially the personalized ones. You are too funny!


Kelly Hicks said...

That what a fun surprise! Love the signs & what a great theme. It's endless how far you could take it. The kids were just in a parade last week with Uncle Warren & the miniture horses. Talk about a couple little cowboy wanna be's. Think my favourite sign would have to be the gun fighting gingerbread men though, cause you could picture it. Ha -ha.
P.S. Five more sleeps!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh, I can tell things will be fun around here this Christmas time! What a great idea, I'll look forward to seeing it all put together.
We have a traditional tree with lots of different things on it for our family tree and then I set up a small "fake" feather looking tree for myself. My guys don't understand it. They think it's a little odd looking, but I love it filled with old fashioned looking ornaments like cotton batting Santas and Victorian "scrap" ornaments. I can't wait to see how you will wrap presents. I can't decide what to do this year and usually it's one of my favorite things to do.