dove real beauty workshop

Here is my update on the workshop: it was the perfect length, just two hours. The first hour was a large session listening to a very good speaker about self-esteem. It was very well-attended, there were over 100 girls there with their mothers, aunts, teachers and mentors.

The second half of the session was interesting - the girls were taken into another room to do a "self-esteem craft" and the mother/mentors had a group discussion about the peer pressures facing our daughters. It was VERY insightful. And the whole time, I didn't feel like I was being sold Dove product, so I would recommend attending a Dove Real Beauty Workshop with your daugther if it visits your area!

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KAGS Herself said...

So after I read your comment I googled these workshops....and your post was third on the list!
Thanks for letting me know about it - and I'll be watching for another Saskatoon event. Daisy girl would probably benefit from it.