club little house treasures

Look what arrived in my mailbox on Friday. Club Little House treasures! Oh, how I have waited for that fancy box to arrive from Amy. Even her brown cardboard wrapping was prettied up with her Inspire Company tape. I could hardly bring myself to cut into it! Here is a peek of all the goodies inside:

June sent this fabulous Princess and the Pea bed and mattress set! It was all wrapped in cello with pretty princess ribbon. It is one of the cleverest minis I have ever seen. There is even a special bedspread for that tall bed.

Corrine from Connecticut made the very adorable art easel and palatte. So suitable for an artist to provide for the Club Little House swap! I sent everyone the Hermes bag... I hope they enjoyed it!
The time of year inspired several Halloween littles. Melissa (aka crazycatladymel) really loves Halloween - she sent the crystal ball, candlestick, books and bowl of treats above. She included tiny holiday books and cards too! She also sent other goodies to decorate the dollhouses: tiny crepe paper streamers and cobwebs!

Jackie must be quite a seamstress. This Halloween quilt is so detailed! The pumpkins are appliqued on the front and the back is toile. I wish it was real-life scale, actually. She made a pumpkin and a vintage card garland and my dollhouse will look as festive as my real house every autumn from now on.

Lauren and her daughter Alexandria are a very crafty pair, both participating in CLH! Lauren sent even more Halloween decorations as you can never have enough of them. A tiny broom, a witches' hat, bright candy in a bowl and two pumpkins - all wonderfully sculpted - and the highlight of this gift, all tucked into a decorated Chinese food container, was a little wreath of autumn flowers for the front door. Alexandria made a petite dejeuner (a little brunch perhaps?) so complete with butter for the croissants and a bouquet of sunflowers to enjoy with fresh milk on a checked picnic blanket. A little touch of the south of France for the dollhouse is utterly mignon!

Loopy enjoyed the bassinette and baby from Sharolyn the best. It is perfect, since our dollhouse has a nursery. It reminds me of Loopy herself, she was so tiny when she arrived. When we opened it from its delightful lacy packaging, we both went "ooooh"....

Another goodie for the nursery? What about the lovely castle wallhanging from Chloe? She is quite the artist. It is on canvas and there is so much detail in it. Very, very girly. Amy included a little treat too, just another example of her good and generous nature as she organized the swap. Isn't the little paperback book she sent adorable? A little naughty for the little nightstand.

Jess made this tiny bed... it is shabby chic for sure! The fabric pattern is so tiny and the blanket is backed with chenille. The bed itself is distressed and cozy looking.

Melissa sent this pie safe - pink with pressed tin inlays in the door! The tedious effort that must have gone into poking all of those tiny holes but it was well worth it. It will look fantastic in the kitchen of my little house.

I am so pleased with the Club Little House parcel! The swap was fun - unwrapping everything made me feel very early Christmas! Thank you to everyone... very, very much.


Mrs. Staggs said...

My goodness! If you didn't already have the most wonderful dollhouse in the world you most certainly will now!
I'm so impressed with the creativity and workmanship everyone gave. It's all truly wonderful!

Jackie said...

It was all pretty wonderful, wasn't it! I LOVED the Hermes bag and the box! Very clever! So many lovelies - it did feel like Christmas! Of course, our dollhouse has yet to be built, but when it pretty it will be with all these fun things in it! I'm glad you liked the Halloween quilt!

kim said...

Soooooo SWEET! Man, do I wish I was part of CLH! :( How fun!!!

carolyn said...

I just love the Princess and the Pea bed.

jenny holiday said...

ooooooh..I cannot take it!! My GOODNESS!! Everything is just OVER THE TOP!! you lucky lucky GALS!!! What amazing little bits!

umm...the Hermes bag knocked my socks off!!!!!!!!!! Like c'monnn....are you kidding?? toooo fabulous!!! I am shaking my head from side to side as I type...cannot seem to stop!!

Too fab for words!!
XOXO Jenny!

ps..did you get my email?

Tiffany said...

Miniatures! I love it!! All of it...every little itty bitty piece! And! I'll be starting on my friend's dollhouse soon and the CLH members have such great ideas - I'm so glad you took pictures!


(I'm finally getting a chance to catch up on all my blog reading after being out of commission for a week - I feel like I've missed so much!)

Pepper said...

I am in awe....