check out these little goblin darlins!

Did I show you the wonderful treat that came all the way from Windsor, Ontario from my sweet cousin Kelly and her nifty friend Gina? They made these sweet Halloween stuffy darlings for Loopy and I. They have ragtag eyes and are ribboned up for the holiday. We squealed with delight when we opened them. We are keeping them out even though Halloween is over. They are too cute and made with too much love to put away until next year!

Gina is one of those gals who can do just about anything she puts her mind to - flower arranging, party throwing - she and Kelly are always up to something, those two! Family events are always more of a celebration when they are at the helm. Kelly can cook and cook and cook but spends so much of her time making us laugh or chasing Jack and Moira around! She loves to plan a party just as much as I do. We've spent some late nights decorating cakes and drinking plenty of Tim Horton's coffee. It's the way crafty girls bond.

Even the sweet little hinies of these characters have a rag stitch bow and a heart charm of love.

I told Ben what I wanted for Christmas - could he arrange to bring Kelly here for a visit sometime in January? He said yes, of course, and that was that! Kelly! Are you coming? I have so many places to take you. We can plan it all when we see each other in Chicago in three weeks.

Time to put away the Halloween wreath. We had only two trick-or-treaters and they were adults. I made this wreath for myself last year and one like it for Kelly and also for Pepper.

And now time for these little creatures to trapse through our yard at the golf course. It's like living in the wild with hungry critters in the winter and frustrated golfers in the summer. This porcupine waddled through the yard at quite a pace the other day. Sidney named him "Ereth" after a porcupine character in one of her favourite novels. When I chased him down to get a photo, I noticed so many deer tracks on the undeveloped lot next door.

Andrew and I went to see Marie Antoinette. It was fantastic. It was everything I'd hoped it would be and I can't wait to see it again and own the DVD. I'm reading the book it was based on, The Journey by Antonia Fraser now. Read any good books lately?


Mrs. Staggs said...

A porcupine! I've only seen them at the zoo!
I like seeing all these clever crafty things. Love your wreath and can't wait to see what you will hang for Christmas. Do you make a wreath for each season or holiday?
I'm stil waiting for someone to see this movie with. Nearly all of my movie buddies have moved out of the city and it's harder to get together now. I'm glad to hear that it's worth waiting for.
I just finished a lighthearted book by Ann B. Ross. One of her Miss Julia books. Have you read those? Light but fun to read. My concentration level is too low for anything that requires much thought right now. The Katharine Graham biography I mentioned on my site this summer was interesting.
No, the magazine that I'm talking about on my site is a brand new one and only came out today. I have the one that you mentioned too though (LOL...uh oh, pretty soon there will be an intervention!) and it IS a good one.
Well, I've about written a novel here, so better go. Hope you have a good week Sasha.
Best wishes!

Q said...

Hi Saucy,
Oh my! A porcupine! Such a wonderful critter to see.
He does look as if he is scurrying away.
I also saw Marie Antionette. Loved the outfits and the shoes!
Her country place was lovely.
I am looking forward to seeing "Happy Feet". It is released in the States on November 17th. I have a date with my husband for opening night.
I am currently reading, "The Book of Wheat Weaving and Straw Craft" by Morgyn Geoffry Owens-Celli. If all goes well I could begin a simple plait in January after the gardens are frozen over.
I so enjoy your posts.

Kelly Hicks said...

Wow talk about feeling "celebritiesh"(no need for spell check here) what a nice blurb on your blog! Thanks for the lovely boast & boost. Can't wait to see you & I'll be there with bells on, porcipine or not! Love Kelly xoxo

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