spread the kindness

Loopy and I both have gel nails. I was adamantly against them but some of my medications have left me with very soft nails and so I relented a few months ago and am very glad that I did. I don't have the built-up tips, that is to say, the long Chiclet-style nails that would prohibit crafting and baking, I just have an overlay on my nail bed that makes my nails Wonder Woman strength. I keep them short for crafting, so it really doesn't look like I tend to them at all.

Loopy was doing a little biting, so she has the same overlays. Some people think it is a little strange for an eleven year old to sport gel nails but I think anything that prevents the nasty biting habit is fantastic. Her esthetician uses a sparkly light pink mixture and sometimes she adds little dragonflies or daisies to the tips, which any eleven year old would find very glamourous and would prohibit any nibbling. I would highly recommend it, much better than that bitter paint-on goop that tastes so awful but gets washed off.

Both of our nail technicians have been going through some bad times. I'm so glad I'm not 23 anymore and dealing with boyfriends, bad jobs and junky cars anymore. Loopy and I did up little flower arrangements in mason jars and dropped them at the salon. Oh, the wonders of the Costco flower bunch! Loopy is enjoying her "random acts of kindness" and it's nice getting her into that frame of mind. Plus, she loves any excuse to use my punch labeler.

Perform your own random act of kindness soon - you know you want to! I would love to hear about it.


crazycatladymel said...

Are you going to include RAoK in your classes? It would be a great activity!

I do this kind of thing a lot for friends, but this upcoming week, I'll try to do something for a non-friend.

DivaDeb said...

What a great topic, Saucy! I was inspired a few days ago to perform a RAoK...while in the drive-thru line at Starbucks, one of our small-town Police officers pulled in behind me. So when I got to the window, I paid for my venti mocha Valencia with whip (and sprinkles) and said "I'd also like to pay for the officer behind me". The cashier looked at me like 'HUH?' and my DH, who was with me, looked at me like 'Whaaaaaaaaaaa?' Undaunted, I forked over my four thirty five and an additional two for Mr. Officer Sir's breve and asked miss cashier to tell him THANK YOU for the hard work he does in our little town. I hope she did...

Anyway, it just felt like the thing to do at the time. Two extra bucks. No big deal. Hopefully it put a smile on his face, knowing that he is appreciated.

Even if no one else GETS it!

Listoria said...

what a sweet way to say thank you!ever notice that your day just gets so much brighter when you perform RAoK's? i've been lapse in my random acts, focusing on my life in general and being a little selfish...so bad!
must be a better random actor

it's something that i shouldn't have to be reminded of...but thanks for the reminder!

pinar said...

my daughter is 12..
it is wonderful to have a daughter to rejuvenate you..
I love your '' k┼čndness flowers' never thought of it before..
thanks for the idea..

Anonymous said...

What beautiful bouquets... and such a nice gesture!