it's all greek to me!

Sidney was the narrator of her sixth grade play. It was the Greek tragedy Persephone. I made her costume, but to all of the seamstress bloggers out there - don't look too closely! It's safety pinned together in more than a few places. I had no pattern so I just sort of whipped it up with polyester and trim.

And the "laurel leaf" wreath? Don't look closely at that, either. I stopped by the Dollar Store to find something to make it from. I'd planned on using gold leaves, but the teacher was specific that the headpieces were to be of green leaves with little flowers on the front, but no flowers on the back.... I found a lei in the party aisle of the store and was off with some elastic and faux flowers.

Halfway through the project - I noticed something funny about those leaves. They had an odd shape, but I didn't recognize it... then it hit me. I ran to the trash and dug out the package the lei came in... and it was... cannibus! I hadn't noticed the tie-dye label that said "Happy Leaf Lei".

Yes. I sent my eleven-year-old daughter (and her best friend) to the school play wearing marijuana leaf headbands. It was too late last night to run back to the store and find other silk leaves, and I was trying to catch the baseball game while I worked on the costumes. Does that make me a bad parent? Maybe just a little bit, but you won't tell the teacher, will you?


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, that is the funniest thing I have read all day!

Thank you for the laugh!


Kelly Hicks said...

Happy Leaf Headress or not let's talk about how gorgeous & grown up Miss Sid Looks. Her hair is beautiful! Well worth the long sit she had to endure. Sorry about the Tigers. They did it for a reason though, they didn't want you to be sad about missing game six. Love Kelly

Mrs. Staggs said...

Oh gosh, your daughter is beautiful! The costume turned out wonderful. The whole wreath thing? So... funny and my husband laughed when I told him about it! So sorry about "our" team, but they're a pretty young group and will have more chances. Hopefully my M's will do better next year too. Another young team. Jim Leyland certainly is a classy guy!
I hope that the shots are helping and that you are starting to feel better.

DivaDeb said...


What kind of a mother puts POT on her kids' head for a school play? Sheesh, woman.... ;o) Kidding!!! I bet no one else even noticed.

June said...

Sidney and the costume look wonderful. I love the Persephone and Demeter story.

The cannibus wreath is such a hoot--what a funny little story. I wouldn't worry about it--your intentions were good. I'm still giggling over the whole thing.

smilnsigh said...

Oh that is so funny. 'Cannibus wreath.' I'm still giggling too. But the whole costume was beautiful.

Pepper said...

That story will be told for many years I am sure! It'll be the classic "Hey Sid, remember our assembly in sixth grade???"

Nikki said...

bahahaah thats funny because when I was looking at it up close I though to myself for a sec that it slightly looked as one of those you see at a party store, but thought, nahh she wouldnt/didnt but lol it was! too funny!