happy house hunting

Here they are.... and I need your opinions. Especially about curb appeal!

It's been a very long weekend of house hunting... after a few days, they all look the same, don't they? Plus, I am not very comfortable looking through houses that people are still actually living in. I feel like such an intruder. Even though I am dying to know if the closets have proper storage, and the cabinets are of good quality, I feel like a snoop opening doors and peeking in.

We seem to have narrowed it down to the two houses above. They are both in the same neighbourhood and roughly the same size. I like one, Ben likes the other. I won't say which is my favourite, I'd like your opinion.

We are planning to refinish the inside and sell it when the construction of our new home is done. I don't really want to have to do much, because there will be enough to do on the new house to keep me busy.

The white house needs very little exterior work but the inside needs to be completely updated - it has a nice floor plan but it is very, very pink inside. I was thinking of painting the front door a glossy black, and the shutters too. The garage door should be completely white, I think. It has a tiny kitchen but we could enlarge it and it needs new cabinets anyway. They had cats and because of my allergies we'd have to lay down new carpets right away.

The tudor style home on the right needs no work outside and the inside is liveable but needs some updating and paint. The kitchen is nice and sunny with traditional cabinets. The basement is developed but badly needs to be fixed up. Do you remember that wood paneling from the 70's? They painted it white. It has a beautiful yard with a pond for fish.

I think they both present the same amount of work, but equal potential. The question I want to ask, is which one would you buy? Which one lookes cuter from the outside? I really think I need the opinion of my good blogging friends who all are crafty and have such good taste and an interest in decorating. I will take it all under advisement.


Trisha Linner said...

Hey Sasha;

I am a personal fan of the first house, the one on top. Granted I have not seen the inside but the beautiful yard and all? That sounds nice to me. What area is that in? The second house sorta looks like a larger version of my parents house. When do you expect to move into the new house you are building coz that could play into deciding. A nice yard is good and all but if you are moving into the new house before you have time to enjoy it, than....I know that wasnt much help was it. Go for house #1. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh the one on the right. Absolutely. The tudor one. That house smacks of stylin'. Very nice...

Listoria said...

I like the Tudor! Even though it seems to need more work, it has a Hollywood old movie star appeal to it. I don't know why that popped into my head - I guess it's just the potential that I see in it! The other is nice, but it has a bit of a tract home feel to it. When I lived in New Brunswick, it seemed like every "newer" (built between the 50's and the 80's) home near Fredericton & Moncton looked like this. Not bad...just not unique.

And dude, fish pond! Seriously, how cool is that?

Okay, that's my two cents!

Happy choosing!

Angela said...

The Tudor wins my vote, hands down!

pinar said...

the first one looks beautiful.. I like those wooden parts in the walls.. it has a charactere..

carole m. said...

My fave for sure is the top one- looks so cozy. that is the ticket -the tudor.

Saucy said...

Well my friends, we made an offer on the tudor, but have yet to reach an agreement. In the meantime, I found a couple of others to look at, including a lovely older home with leaded-pane windows and the widest staircase I've ever seen... and a craft room *sigh* but my dh thinks it requires far too much work (he's right) and so the search may continue today... stay tuned.